Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country that occupies the eastern island of Hispaniola. It boasts scenic tree-covered mountains and white-sand beaches along with sugarcane fields, a variety of traditional cuisine, local music, and a deep love for baseball. The people are friendly and charismatic, expressing joy even during difficult times. And this resilience is sorely needed because in the Dominican Republic, there is a vast rift between the privileged and the poor. That’s why our global community of Child Champions is here, working in the hard places to bring help and hope to children.


Children in poverty


Food Insecurity and Malnourishment

More than half of the population lives in poverty, and poverty along with inequality and a weak agricultural system mean that more kids and families here are going hungry. Also, the country is vulnerable to more frequent hurricanes and droughts, which obliterate crops.

How Child Champions Are Helping Children in Poverty in the Dominican Republic

Through OneChild’s Children’s Crisis Fund, families receive disaster relief including emergency food relief supplies, and families who are struggling day-to-day receive vitamins, supplies, and food baskets. At their Hope Centers, children regularly receive nutritious meals and snacks.

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Lack of Access to Education

In the Dominican Republic, most young kids living in poverty don’t have access to education, and 36% of students don’t finish high school. Most of the kids who drop out are from the poorest areas, and they have to work to help their families earn an income.

How Child Champions Are Helping Children in Poverty in the Dominican Republic

At Hope Centers, Child Champions provide kids with tutoring and help them dream of and plan for their futures. At many Hope Centers older children can receive vocational training to give them the skills to earn an income when they are grown.

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Lack of Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

About 20% of residents live in makeshift homes without access to clean water and proper sanitation. Half of all deaths in children younger than 1 year of age in the Dominican Republic are due to consuming contaminated water, according to the Pan American Health Organization.

How Child Champions Are Helping Children in Poverty in the Dominican Republic

Through OneChild’s Partners Fund, Hope Centers can install water purification systems that provide clean water not only to the kids, but to the community as well. At their Hope Centers, kids also learn about proper hygiene like hand washing to prevent illnesses like diarrhea and cholera.

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Domestic Violence

Nearly 2 out of 3 children and teens experience violence at home, including physical abuse and sexual abuse. Violence against youths is driven by negative social and gender norms, as well as inequalities, uncertainty, migration, and humanitarian crises.

How Child Champions Are Helping Children in Poverty in the Dominican Republic

Child Champions help rescue kids, including vulnerable girls. They hold training sessions with caregivers to give them coping skills and connect children and their families to counselors and other resources. They encourage families to allow their kids to stay in school so that they have a chance to find a way out of poverty.

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We are accountable to the children we serve AND to our donors.

Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. OneChild is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)