Independence Day in the Dominican Republic

By Kalis Parra, Dominican Republic Field Communications Specialist   |  Photos by Hope Center

In February, the Dominican Republic celebrates its independence. During this month, Hope Centers celebrate and thank God for the freedom that He gave this country.

A little girl has her face painted with the colors of the country’s flag.

On Feb. 27, Dominicans celebrate their Independence Day in a day full of color and music.

Schoolchildren walk around the main streets of the country holding flags and playing music in honor of our three founding fathers, Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramon Matias Mella, Francisco Del Rosario Sanchez as well as all the brave man and women who, on Feb. 27, 1844, fought to earn the freedom we have today.

The Dominican Republic is a country that loves celebrations, so we celebrate all month long.

Hope Centers prepare plays for the kids to interpret.

The kids wear our typical custom outfit, which is composed of an off-shoulder white top with blue and red lines and a long red skirt.

Red, white, and blue are the colors of our flag.

It is a wonderful month to remember the beauty of the freedom that this beautiful island has.

That is why Child Champions in February teach about the importance of historical and cultural aspects of our country because as the poet Jorge Agustin said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

We are building a generation that loves their country and embraces its culture.

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Children at a Hope Center in the Dominican Republic love to celebrate their country’s Independence Day.

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