Care for
Kids in Crisis

Give children critical help in the hardest of times.

A catastrophic earthquake. A life-threatening illness. A global food crisis. What do you do when disaster strikes — and you had almost nothing to begin with? Families in severe poverty don’t usually have insurance policies or savings accounts. Many have nowhere to turn. That’s where you come in. You can give vital care to children in the midst of a crisis. Whether your donation provides shelter, food, and blankets after a natural disaster or lifesaving surgery, your generosity will bring hope in the hardest of times.

A child in crisis needs your support now — please help provide critical care. Any amount will help give kids and their families a new beginning.

See how your gift will bring a child in crisis hope.

How Your Gift Will Change Lives

Your donation to the Children’s Crisis Fund will provide immediate care in a family’s greatest hour of need — whether they’re facing a large-scale disaster or a personal emergency. When disaster strikes, OneChild’s frontline Child Champions are on the ground, ready to deliver immediate assistance. But they need your support to make this possible.

Give a child in crisis hope!

In times of crisis, your gift will help give children and families:

Safe shelter

Nutritious food

Relief supplies

Lifesaving medical care

Trauma counseling

Spiritual guidance

The Hardest Places on Earth

OneChild works in some of the hardest places on earth. These countries are often prone to:

Natural disasters like typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and landslides

Wars, civil unrest, and violent political riots

Outbreaks of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera, dengue fever, and Ebola

Droughts and famine, which can cause child hunger and malnutrition

Many kids in poverty frequently live in areas where infrastructure is lacking, and communities have no resources to handle crises. That’s why your donation is so important.

Right now, a child in despair is praying for a loving Child Champion like you to bring help, hope, and stability. Please send a special gift today!

Vital Medical Care

Children in poverty also need your support when facing a life-threatening illness. Your donation will help cover major medical interventions like:

  • Heart surgeries
  • Kidney transplants
  • Hospital stays
  • Amputations and prosthetics
  • Disability modifications
  • Wheelchairs
  • Electric bicycles

With your help, kids will receive the medical care and equipment they need to survive and thrive!

Personal Emergencies

At each Hope Center, Child Champions — who are invested in each child personally — know when a child in their care is facing a personal emergency. These faithful Child Champions boldly advocate for kids. Whether a child has suffered horrific abuse and needs trauma counseling or has lost their home in a fire — they often need extra help.

You can be encouraged by Wilsin, a sponsored boy in the Dominican Republic. After his family lost everything in a fire — including their home — they courageously found the strength to rebuild their lives. And it’s all thanks to caring supporters like you. Read Wilsin’s inspiring story!

Your donation today will make an incredible difference. Because your support will give kids hope when they need it most. Through your generosity, you will tell a child, “You are never alone. God sees you, understands what you are going through, and cares about you more than you can imagine. He is here for you during this difficult season and so am I.” Please help give children in crisis a new beginning!