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Through customized partnerships, your business or organization to can provide crucial care for children in hard places.

We’re thankful for our extraordinary partners who generously give their influence and resources to help give children in poverty opportunities for hopeful, healthy futures.

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Sponsor a Child

Support OneChild by sponsoring children as part of your triple bottom-line.


Encourage Your Employees

Support OneChild by encouraging employees to sponsor children.

Matching Contributions

Support OneChild by matching employee contributions and sponsorships to OneChild.

Host Events

Hold an event where your employees can engage with their sponsored children.

We Can Work Together

All these and other engagement options are possible with OneChild. We will work together to shape an engagement that works for you and helps you invest in children living in poverty.

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Start changing the world today! Our team would love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. Just submit the form below and someone from out team will contact you so we can discuss how changing the world for one, changes everything.