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Let’s Partner to Champion Kids!

Welcome Artists and Influencers! You’ve been given an amazing platform. How are you using the platform God’s given you? What if you could influence people to think more globally and missionally? What if you could encourage people to sponsor a child?

You’re invited to join OneChild’s global community of Child Champions and bring hope to children living in hard places.

We work with artists and influencers around the U.S. in mutually beneficial partnerships to minister to your audience in a powerful way and help find caring sponsors for children!

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Together, we’ll discover the point where mission and vision intersect to give kids in hard places a bright future!

OneChild artists and influencers partnerships are uniquely designed for each individual. To start, we can’t wait to take you to the mission field where you’ll see OneChild’s work of bringing hope to kids in poverty firsthand. Then, we’ll help you craft your own personal story and pitch for your audience. We’ll provide professional and audio resources, along with digital and social media assets, real stories of hope, and other tools that fit your personality.

Join these OneChild Artists and Influencers to change lives!

We envision a better future and a way to get there through child sponsorship. Together, we are hope builders, moving forward with courage toward a beautiful future we know is possible. We see poverty being defeated. We see young people thriving. And we celebrate all of it. YOU are invited to join us on this exciting journey!

Faron Dice
National Director of Radio and Artist Engagement at OneChild

About Faron

Faron Dice is a grown-up PK, (Preachers Kid) and a 30+ year Christian Music Radio Veteran. He recently held the position of Chief Content Officer for Way Media (WayFM) where he directed on-air, digital, and behind-the-scenes ministry strategy. He currently serves as National Director of Radio and Artist Engagement at OneChild and is excited to partner with you to bring hope to kids!

You are welcome to use the resources below to inspire and encourage your audience. Please know that we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’re excited to see the incredible things that God will do through this partnership!

Download Audio Assets


30-second radio ad “I am One Child”


Radio Sweeper/Imaging to air during your campaign (fully customizable)