"Kids need now what they have always needed, and that’s hope: a belief that a better future is possible."

Scott C. Todd, PhD

President of OneChild

Hope Builder • Thought Leader • Inspiring Speaker

Dr. Scott C. Todd, a sought-after speaker and author, brings to audiences his global experience in relief and development, passion for helping children in hard places, and conviction that hope — serious hope — is essential for resilience and sustainable change. Hear why Dr. Todd is passionate about bringing hope to the hardest places, creating a global community of Child Champions, building a generational church, and listening attentively to kids to help them thrive.

Thought Leader

An innovative thought leader committed to bringing hope to kids in the hardest places. Based on the themes of Isaiah 58, Dr. Todd calls people around the world to become Child Champions dedicated to serving the poor and restoring communities stricken with poverty and injustice.


Inspiring Speaker

Encourage your audience through Dr. Todd's powerful message that we can all have hope, even in the midst of difficulties. And his incredible passion for helping children in poverty flourish will inspire your audience to make a difference.


Dr. Todd is also an executive leader in global development and philanthropy with an emphasis on children at risk. As Senior Vice President at Compassion International, he worked to launch HIV/AIDS initiatives and Child Survival programs worldwide. Dr. Todd is also a partner in the Integrated Philanthropy Initiative.

Prior to his work for children in poverty, Dr. Todd was an award-winning scientist in immunology and virology. He holds a doctorate from the University of California, was the National Lymphoma Foundation fellow at Stanford University Medical Center, and was awarded numerous research grants from the American Cancer Society, National Institutes of Health, and National Science Foundation.

“God desires reconciliation and healing. He is in the business of restoring all things. When He redeems us from our brokenness, when He pulls us out of our hopelessness and despair, He places us in a relationship with Him that’s life-giving. He invites us to co-labor with Him for the reconciliation of all things — to invite you to be a repairer of broken places, broken walls. He invites us to be healers and restorers.”

• Dr. Scott C. Todd •