As a caring sponsor, you are helping your child thrive! Kids in OneChild’s sponsorship program receive vital care and learn about God’s love. And Child Champions at Hope Centers across the globe encourage kids in poverty to reach their God-given potential. Discover how you are helping your child flourish!


You are making it possible for your child to receive nutritious food, which helps him or her stay healthy and fights child hunger. Kids are also given medical checkups and immunizations to fight diseases. At Hope Centers, kids enjoy child development opportunities that improve their coordination and promote exercise. Kids also learn how to avoid high-risk behaviors, practice proper hygiene, and take care of their bodies.


Millions of children in poverty never have the opportunity to attend school. Thank you for helping your child receive an education! Sponsorship helps cover school fees, uniforms, and supplies. Many OneChild Hope Centers are schools. In communities where schools are established, kids receive tutoring. Every child is taught literacy, math, problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, and life skills. Older children also receive vocational training, which helps them overcome poverty and achieve their dreams.


At Hope Centers, kids receive the emotional support and unconditional love they need to thrive in their communities. Counseling is offered to children who have experienced trauma. Child Champions encourage kids to socialize, build healthy friendships, and treat everyone with kindness and respect. Kids also grow socially through child development activities like sports, music, drama, and special outings.


You are making an eternal investment! All kids in OneChild’s program learn that God loves them dearly and has special plans for their lives. They also discover that all things are possible with Him. As kids grow in their relationship with God, they find true hope.


Thanks for giving your child a hope-filled future. You are also helping change lives for years to come! As children break the cycle of poverty, many go on to transform their churches, communities, and countries — just like Israel.

Meet this extraordinary young man and see the lasting impact your sponsorship can make!

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Because of your generosity, your sponsored child is able to attend a OneChild Hope Center — a safe place where kids learn, grow, and play. Hope Centers, which are usually attached to churches or schools, are welcoming spaces where kids feel cared for, protected, and valued.

Nicole would love to take you on a tour of her Hope Center!

You can help launch a new Hope Center in one of the hardest places on earth. Learn more!


You are an important part of a global community of Child Champions — welcome! A Child Champion is anyone who makes a difference in a child’s life, whether that person is a sponsor, teacher, coach, pastor, or family member. Join the Wall of Champions!

Child Champions who work at OneChild’s Hope Centers around the world nurture, protect, and mentor kids. As Child Champions build relationships with kids and take time to listen, they discover each child’s unique needs and inspire them to pursue their dreams. By speaking truth into their lives, they help kids believe that a better future is possible.

Meet Dr. Jacob, whose grandfather championed him when he was a child in Uganda. Now, Dr. Jacob is a Child Champion!

Many Child Champions risk their lives to travel to their Hope Centers, often navigating dangerous terrain and violent areas — all because of their love for children. Your gift each month empowers them to continue making a difference in children’s lives. Thank you for your faithfulness!

It takes all of us working together courageously to bring hope to hard places. We are incredibly grateful for Child Champions around the world — including you!

Journey deeper into the hard places and see the hope you’re bringing.