Program Graduates: Fresh Beacons of Hope and Inspiration

By Babylene Bocayes, Philippines Field Communications Specialist   |  Photos by Hope Center staff

Child Champions play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of kids in the OneChild program during their journey to a better life. Two recent graduates reveal the profound impact that Child Champions have had in helping them succeed.

Ejay graduated from the OneChild program in 2023. While in the program, he was taught by his Child Champions to dream and fulfill each dream one at a time. He has won several sports competitions, has become a missionary pastor, and finished high school with honors. As he leaves the program, he brings with him experiences that will continue to push him to fulfill his ultimate dream of working on a cruise ship someday.

Child Champions are more than just sponsors and Hope Center staff members — they are mentors, role models, and advocates who go above and beyond to nurture each child’s potential.

They understand that education alone is not enough to ensure that a child thrives. Kids also need personal connection, encouragement, positive experiences in a safe community, and belief that they can truly make a difference.

And that’s where Child Champions come in.

In the following testimonies, read how Child Champions in the Philippines have served as guiding lights, helping kids living in poverty navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and realize their full potential.

Through their unwavering dedication, Child Champions have transformed these children’s lives and empowered them to become confident, resilient, and capable individuals.

Ejay: Finding True Happiness With God

“When you think it is the end of you, know that it is actually the beginning of your life. Let go and let God.” Ejay

Ejay speaks honestly about the wrong path he was headed down and how his Child Champions helped set him on course:

When I am asked what the story of my life is, I would always say it is about how my life has changed by the unstoppable God. 

When I was a newly registered child in the program 14 years ago, I was timid and reserved. I only had a few friends, and I did not always attend the activities. I and my sister would only go to church after long [encouragement] of our Child Champions. 

Once a very shy kid, Ejay became a competitive mountain biker while in the OneChild program.

Growing up, I found my passion in sports, specifically in duathlon — running and cycling.

I focused on my sport and won quite a number of awards every time I competed. But I did not understand why my happiness wouldn’t last that long. I struggled with peer pressure, which exposed me to bad influences. It drew me farther from Jesus and closer to sin. 

When the pandemic happened, I was stuck at home with my family. My training and going out with friends were put on hold. It was a great struggle for me to adjust.

My family are churchgoers. And so, I was convinced to come to church with them and joined a discipleship program. Since then, I have become active in church and Hope Center activities.

Through the help of my Child Champions whom I considered as my spiritual mentors, I grow in my faith in Jesus. I had the chance to start over again and build a fresh start with my relationship with my Savior, the One who delivered me from my enemies.

Ejay also became a competitive runner.

I am very grateful for OneChild who gave me opportunities to join discipleship trainings, life in the spirit seminars, leadership conferences, and even supported me and my fellow young people who are registered in OneChild to go to Mission and helped us respond to the calling of going and preaching the gospel. From a nobody who was led to doing worldly things, to somebody who works for Jesus.

I preach in youth gatherings and play the drums for our Praise and Worship team in our church. It is a great privilege and honor for me to serve Jesus through the ministry of worship. With God’s help, I was able to bring my friends to church and let them know Jesus, too. Together with my friends, I finished the discipleship program and graduated as a missionary pastor.

As I would look back and reminisce how God moved in my life, how He used OneChild to support me on my spiritual calling even with my academics, my physical growth, my mental growth, and every aspect of my life all I could say is, I am beyond blessed and so much grateful of being part of OneChild.

My journey in OneChild brought me to the realization of my calling. Now, I am pursuing my dream of working on a cruise ship someday. I am still far from it, but I know that God is a god of possibilities. He made it possible for me to graduate from high school with honors, and so nothing can stop Him in making His will be done in my life.

Elisha: Drawing Strength From Child Champions

“I’m sure about this: the one who started a good work in you will stay with you to complete the job by the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

Elisha received gifts and a Certificate of Completion from her Child Champions on the day of her graduation at the Hope Center, where she has enjoyed a safe learning environment as she grew.

When Elisha talks about her Child Champions, she overflows with gratitude for all the ways they helped her grow:

The day has come that we will be saying goodbye to the OneChild program, but the [bonds] between us and the OneChild program will always remain. 

It’s been a great privilege and honor to be part of this program. The teachings that we learned, from being a kid to a young adult, always formed me into [who] I am today. 

Thank you to our Child Champions who are always by our side to provide us support financially, physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually. They always encouraged us to draw closer to God.

Elisha’s Certificate of Completion from the OneChild program.

I am very grateful to them, for their motivations, corrections, and words of encouragement to continue and strive harder.

Their hard work is evident and deeply felt, especially in their tireless dedication and personal sacrifices, despite the challenges they face.

It is indeed a privilege to be part of the OneChild family — the epitome of kindness.

These two young people are brimming with hope for the future. It’s clear from their testimonies that their time at the Hope Center and the care and mentorship of their Child Champions has set them on a firm foundation.

In their words, we hear the confidence of young people equipped to step into their futures with confidence. We can’t wait to see where they go from here.

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