Josuar Speaks Up

By Bonnie Wellensiek, Child Champion, U.S.A., and Virna Segovia, Nicaragua Country Director   |  Photos courtesy of Hope Center

Child Champions at a Hope Center in Nicaragua help identify a boy’s speech impairment and provide the therapy he needs to thrive.

Josuar with his mother Jaquelin and sister.

Josuar is a bright 7-year-old who lives with his mother and sister in Nicaragua. Like most kids, Josuar has dreams for his future.

But when he first arrived at Mi Poderoso Gigante Hope Center, he couldn’t talk about them. In fact, he didn’t say much at all.

The Hope Center welcomed the quiet boy with open arms. His Child Champions surrounded him with love and made him feel at home.

Not long after he started attending the Hope Center, his Child Champions realized why Josuar didn’t say much.

It became clear that he had a speech impairment. But they needed to identify the issue before they could help him.

The Right Person at the Right Time

In what some would call a coincidence — but Child Champions know is God’s provision — one of the Child Champions at the Hope Center was uniquely equipped to help Josuar.

Child Champion Jennifer was studying psychology at the university and doing her practicum at the Hope Center.

Jennifer gave Josuar a series of tests. The results showed that he had dyslalia, an inability to correctly pronounce sounds and words to create comprehensible speech. Dyslalia can have various causes. She learned that in Josuar’s case it was a muscular condition.

Josuar talks with his Child Champion, Carolina.

Jennifer began working with Josuar to overcome this challenge, and in a few short weeks he made great progress.

Josuar’s mom, Jaquelin, works hard as a housekeeper to support her children. The specialized help Josuar needed could have been out of reach for her.

But God arranged for him to connect with exactly the right person at his Hope Center.

A Bright Boy With a Bright Future

It’s clear that Josuar is intelligent. And now he can tell others about his love of cars and his dream of becoming a mechanic.

Child Champions say that Josuar is a happy child who loves to play and paint.

And the boy who used to be so quiet now loves to sing and to pray!

When Jennifer finished her time at the Hope Center and returned to university classes, another Child Champion, Carolina, also a psychology student, was able to continue working with Josuar.

“At first you didn’t understand what he was saying, but now you understand him much better,” says Carolina. “There are [still] words that are difficult for him, but each time he is getting better and better.”

Josuar’s grandmother, Doña Julia, shares how her grandson sees himself: “I am strong. I am brave.”

We agree, Josuar! We praise God for your progress, and we can’t wait to see what your future holds!

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