Partners Fund

Bring hope to more kids in hard places!


You can help OneChild go further into the hard places, open more Hope Centers, and do whatever it takes to reach more kids. Your support is important so that more children living in extreme poverty can discover hope. Even a small gift helps! Let’s journey together as a global community of Child Champions.

Your gift to OneChild’s Partners Fund provides vital care to kids in the areas of:

  • Health Care: Clean water and advanced medical and dental care help kids stay healthy and save lives.
  • Community: New Hope Centers, launched in some of the most remote places on earth, give kids safe places to play, study, and grow.
  • Faith: More kids learn about God’s life-changing love and His special plans for them.
  • Education: Outstanding curriculum, leadership programs, and income-generating classes help kids overcome poverty and pursue their dreams.
  • Critical Care: Urgent needs of families and kids at Hope Centers are met, and children who are waiting to be sponsored receive immediate assistance.

When you donate to OneChild’s Partners Fund, you also help strengthen operational support in the U.S. and beyond, so kids around the world receive the best care possible.

Please send a gift for this vital fund today!