Help Launch
a Hope Center

Give kids in hard places a safe place to thrive!

Your generous donation will help open a new Hope Center in one of the hardest places on earth. At Hope Centers, children in poverty receive life-changing care like nutritious food, safe water, medical checkups, and educational opportunities. And all kids in OneChild’s program learn about God’s everlasting love.

Your gift of a hundred dollars and more will help one child begin a new journey to a better life.

You can give kids in hard places a safe place to play, learn, and flourish. On average, it takes $10,000 to open a Hope Center. Even a small gift makes an incredible difference. Please help launch a new Hope Center today.

Nicole would love to take you on a tour of her Hope Center.

Here’s How Your Gift Will Change Lives

Every day, millions of children wake up to a world without clean water, lifesaving medicine, safe housing, or educational opportunities. Many lack protection from violence as well. For these kids, survival is their only goal. And they are robbed of their childhoods, hopes, and dreams.

That’s where you come in! With your support, kids will have opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and reach their God-given potential.

Help Launch a Hope Center!


At OneChild’s Hope Centers, children receive:

Nutritious Food and Safe Water

Your gift will equip kitchens so kids can enjoy nutritious food. Since malnutrition and child hunger are serious problems in poverty-stricken communities, this will help save lives. Plus, in the countries where OneChild serves, many children don’t have access to clean water, which can lead to life-threatening illnesses. But at Hope Centers, kids will be able to drink safe water and stay healthy.

Medical Checkups

Children will receive regular medical checkups, vitamins, and immunizations at their Hope Centers, which will help prevent illnesses. Many parents in hard places can’t afford doctors’ visits for their kids so this will make an incredible difference. And when medical conditions are discovered, Child Champions will work to help kids receive the care they need to thrive.


Classrooms in Hope Centers give children a safe space to learn. Millions of children living in poverty never have the chance to go to school. Your donation will give students educational opportunities that will change their lives. As kids graduate, they will develop the skills they need to overcome poverty and pursue their dreams.

Spiritual Guidance

All kids in OneChild’s program hear about God’s love. Children will learn that God cares about them and has amazing plans for them. Children in poverty often give up on their dreams. But at Hope Centers, kids discover that all things are possible with God. So, your gift will make an eternal difference. Learn more about Hope Centers!


You can also read an inspiring story about how a child’s life was changed through his Hope Center. Meet Israel!

Your special gift will give kids like Israel a better future. Please help provide a safe haven for children in poverty where they are protected, valued, and loved — donate today!