Give kids immediate care while they wait!

Sometimes children in poverty can’t wait. They may be hungry, sick, or in danger. And there isn’t a minute to spare. A child may have to wait months to be connected with a sponsor. You can support kids during their season of waiting! Your gift will allow children to start attending a Hope Center right away, where they’ll receive nutritious food, medical attention, educational opportunities, and a safe place to thrive. And during their time of waiting, caring Child Champions will share God’s life-changing love.

You can give vital help to a child waiting to be sponsored. Any amount will make a real and lasting difference.

Your gift will help kids attend Hope Centers while they wait. See the difference you’ll make!

How Your Gift Will Change Lives

Many children in poverty need help now. They live in some of the hardest places on earth, where families often face hunger, illness, and violence. As soon as Child Champions discover that a child needs vital care, they do everything in their power to register that boy or girl in OneChild’s sponsorship program so they’ll have a safe place to play, learn, and grow.

Sadly, it can take months — even up to a year — for a child to be connected with a sponsor.

But these kids need immediate attention — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s critical that they have the opportunity to start attending a Hope Center right away, where they’ll receive:

Nutritious food

Medical checkups

Educational opportunities

Spiritual guidance

You can help ensure that kids who are waiting to be sponsored receive the same life-changing benefits that sponsored kids receive.

Bring children hope!

A Season of Waiting

Waiting can be hard, especially when you’re young. Many kids in poverty wait … and wait … for a sponsor to say, “I choose you!” During this season of hoping and praying, it’s important to speak truth into children’s lives.

Your gift will help tell a vulnerable child, “You are not forgotten! God loves you and has special plans for you!”

When kids attend their Hope Center, they learn how valuable they are to their heavenly Father. Child Champions encourage them, teach them about God’s love, and pray with them. And they inspire them to believe in themselves and dream.

Through your generosity, you’ll not only be providing vital care — you’ll also be helping kids believe that a better future is possible.

You can read about Child Champions in Kenya who go out of their way to help unsponsored children feel welcome as they step into a Hope Center for the very first time. Be inspired by their powerful story!

Will you stand in the gap for a boy or girl while they wait? Please send a special gift for unsponsored children today!