Empower Sexual
Abuse Survivors

Help girls who have suffered abuse find hope

You can give girls who have been rescued from sexual abuse and exploitation a new beginning. Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch, a OneChild partner, is a safe haven for girls in the Philippines who have suffered horrific abuse. At the ranch, children receive medical care, schooling, vocational skills, counseling, and the encouragement they need to overcome their abuse. And as girls learn how valuable they are in God’s eyes, they find healing and restoration.

Right now, children who have been trapped in online sexual exploitation and abuse need your help. Please make a generous donation and transform lives.

Find out how girls at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch discover the courage to dream.

The Staggering Statistics

It’s heartbreaking to imagine a precious child being trapped in trafficking, exploitation, or abuse. And yet the numbers continue to rise each year, especially in the Philippines. Here’s a look at the shocking statistics:

Nearly 7 million children are trapped in sex trafficking across the globe. Kids who are victims of trafficking lose their childhood, freedom, and dignity. Children in poverty, especially girls, who are desperate for food and other basic necessities, are often the most vulnerable.

Human trafficking generates $150 billion a year — two-thirds of that comes from online sexual exploitation.

Online sexual exploitation of children is eight times higher in the Philippines than in any other country. This unthinkable crime involves children being forced — often in a violent manner — to perform sexual acts that are displayed in photos, videos, or livestreaming in exchange for money.

The average age for a child to be sexually exploited online is 11, but Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch has taken in girls as young as 3.

About Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch

Caring Child Champions at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch in the Philippines have been helping kids heal and find hope for 25 years. The ranch, which is located near Cebu — a human trafficking hotspot — started as a safe home for children living in poverty. But the home’s founders quickly realized that many of the kids they were serving had run away from home to escape abuse.

Today, Child Champions at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch partner with Philippine law enforcement and the International Justice Mission to take in sexual abuse survivors and bring them to the ranch, where they will live and find a new beginning.

How Your Gift Will Change Lives

When girls are rescued and come to the ranch, they receive:

  • A safe home away from their abusers where they can start to heal
  • Medical evaluations and ongoing care
  • Nutritious food
  • Clothes, including school uniforms
  • Customized education
  • Job-skills training
  • Trauma counseling
  • Support from Child Champions who advocate for them
  • Legal assistance as they stand trial against their abusers
  • Peer mentors who pray with them and offer encouragement
  • Spiritual guidance, including devotions, where they learn about God’s love

Girls stay at the ranch anywhere from one week to several years, depending on their needs. All ages are welcomed with open arms — from toddlers to adolescents. Most girls stay at the home until they are 18 so they have the time they need to overcome adversity and thrive. Please help give these girls a new beginning!

Sharing God’s Love

One of the most important aspects of the program, as the girls strive to find healing from sexual abuse, is the spiritual guidance they receive at the ranch. Child Champions share that God loves them dearly and has a special plan for their lives.

When the girls understand how valuable they are to their heavenly Father, they begin to feel hope. And the words from Psalms 147:3 become real in their lives: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

Opportunities to Thrive

While girls live at the ranch, they also attend school there. Teachers carefully evaluate each girl’s educational level and design a unique plan to meet their specific needs.

At the ranch, girls also participate in church services, devotionals, meetings with peer mentors, and counseling sessions. As girls adjust to their new environment, they find new rhythms for life. Daily routines, including chores and group activities, help them find stability and peace.

You can read about a girl at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch who is finally finding peace — for the first time in her life. Be inspired by Brooke’s powerful story!

OneChild’s Partnership

As a community of Child Champions, OneChild is passionate about supporting the vital work of Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch. Children who have been victims of online sexual exploitation need our help. And with this horrific abuse becoming more prevalent each day, the need is greater than ever. Please donate to Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch today. Thank you for helping survivors find healing, restoration, and hope!


*Statistics from the International Justice Mission