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Kids in Hard Places Need a Champion

Hope, innocence, joy: These things shine in the faces of kids everywhere. But too often, the light of childhood is snuffed out by poverty. We believe restoring it is a sacred calling, a calling that requires believers to confront injustice with love, courage and perseverance. Our community is made up of men and women around the world who have committed their resources and lives to this effort. 

That’s why OneChild sponsors become champions in the eyes of children in poverty. That’s how you can bring hope to hard places. 
Sponsor a Child

A girl displays letters of hope from her sponsor, which she treasures.

Help Children Break the Cycle of Poverty

OneChild works in 14 poverty-stricken countries. In over 40 years of international ministry, OneChild has served more than 40,000 children.

Research indicates that one-to-one child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to combat global poverty. Sponsorship makes it possible for kids to receive education and life-changing child development opportunities, which help them become leaders within their communities. Your monthly financial support empowers staff in the field to equip children to become healthy, self-sufficient adults. 
Where We Work

Three girls in poverty celebrate friendships and new beginnings.

Hope Centers: A Safe Place to Grow

Because of your generous support, your sponsored child is able to attend a OneChild Hope Center where he or she receives life-changing care like nutritious food, educational opportunities, medical checkups, and mentoring. Through OneChild’s outstanding child development program, kids also grow socially and learn about God’s everlasting love. You can sponsor a child and help provide this vital care for $39 a month!
About Hope Centers

A boy enjoys recreational activities at his Hope Center, which help him develop physically and socially.

Child Champions: Loving Adults

Because our staff and volunteers live in the communities where they serve and spend time ministering to kids in Hope Centers every day, they begin to understand children’s unique needs and dreams and can provide better care.

The same principle is true for sponsors. As you communicate with your sponsored child, you will get to know him or her. Our goal is that every adult in our community can care for and encourage children effectively because each child is known.
Who We Are

Become a Child Champion
Sponsor a Child

“It’s beautiful how God can give us this love like these kids are our own. Sometimes, I forget that they speak a different language and find myself about to buy them small books written in English. It’s amazing how this communication barrier isn’t a barrier at all when it comes to love. I am so impressed with OneChild; we are so happy to be part of such an important mission.” 

Child Development: A Holistic Approach

As a sponsor, over the years you get to build a meaningful relationship with your child and bring hope. The letters you write, prayers you pray, and support you provide speak volumes — that he or she is seen, known, protected, and championed.  

Your monthly gift goes directly toward your sponsored child’s growth in four different areas:

  • Health – providing children with nutritious food, supplements and medical care.
  • Education – schooling or tutoring to help children succeed in their education.
  • Faith – encouraging children in their faith.
  • Community – creating opportunities for socialization, play and exploration.