Hope Flows With Clean Water

Story and photos by Kalis Parra, Dominican Republic Field Communications Specialist

A pastor partners with OneChild in a community in the Dominican Republic and brings not only hope and the love of Jesus to kids living in poverty, but also a water project that benefits everyone there.

Pastor Alberto Severino carries some empty jugs to the water purification system to fill.

OneChild’s Hope Center Joyas de Cristo in Moca, Dominican Republic, opened its doors in 2006 when Pastor Alberto Severino and his family started gathering the kids from their community every week in a tiny house they rented with the vision of providing them a place where they could learn about God.

In April 2009 they began to partner with OneChild, a nonprofit organization that serves and develops children living in poverty so that those children can reach their God-given potential. And now, thanks to OneChild’s sponsors and donors, about 150 kids in the community of Quebrada Honda have the opportunity to eat nutritious food, receive health care, and be educated and loved.

The water purification system provides safe, clean water to the Hope Center and community.

This Hope Center has since become a blessing to the entire community. Since 2019, the Hope Center also offers day care, which provides working parents a place for their children to feel safe and be taken care of by loving Child Champions.

Children at the Hope Center never have to worry about getting sick from drinking the water because it has been purified.

The vision of Pastor Severino is to meet all the needs of this community in a Christian environment that brings them closer to Jesus. This Hope Center also embarks on projects that help not just the center, but everyone in the community.

For example, in July 2020, through OneChild and a church partner, the Hope Center installed a water purification system that provides clean, safe water not only to the children of the Hope Center but to all families in the community at a low and affordable price.

“This is such a blessing to us!” says one mother in the community. “Now I do not have to worry about knowing if the water I give to my children is purified or not because here I will have purified water at a good price.”

The advanced filtration system purifies water without removing the minerals, and makes it taste good, to boot.

What started as a dream of providing hope to children in an impoverished community has become a beacon of help and hope for an entire community. And all this has been possible thanks to the support of our faithful donors and sponsors.

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