Child Champions — In Their Words

Hear from the hearts of Child Champions about what motivates them to serve kids living in poverty.

Bringing hope to the hardest places is made possible through the efforts of hundreds of people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. We call them Child Champions. These people serve, with love and integrity, those in need.

Here are some of the reasons why Child Champions in the Dominican Republic want to serve children living in poverty.

Why Am I a Child Champion?

Marlene Medina, Administrative Assistant at OneChild’s Dominican Republic office

Marlene Medina

I am a Child Champion because I am a person with a heart of a servant, always available to serve as a light to all children and teenagers that are going through difficult situations.

What motivates me every day to continue being a Child Champion? It is the joy that is generated in my soul when I remember that I am being part of the work that God is doing in the life of one of those children. Also understanding that this is more than a religion, that it is not just about a sermon or words, rather it is about me offering a little of that unconditional love that God gives me every day. If Jesus gave His life for me, why can’t I give a grain of compassion, a portion of that love to the life of a child?

What I love the most about being a Child Champion is seeing how God transformed each being, not only the children but the ones who serve as volunteers in each Hope Center with them.

Seeing the joy in the children helped by their Hope Centers and sponsors, knowing that they are being instructed in the right path as it is commanded in Proverbs 6, knowing that these children are receiving the hope of Christ in their hearts is what makes me happy and satisfies and motivates me to continue being a Child Champion.

Liliana Barrientos, Finance Manager at OneChild’s Dominican Republic office

Liliana Barrientos

I am a Child Champion because I love contributing so that children can thrive in every area of their lives, physically, cognitively, socio-emotionally and spiritually.

What motivates me to continue being a Child Champion is seeing how God is with me. His love is so great and beautiful for me that I want to give that same love to the children, I want them to see how much God loves them.

The fact that I contribute to these children growing up knowing about God is something that is priceless to me.

What I like most about being a Child Champion is the happiness and joy that I get to experience in each one of these children, the laughter marked on their faces after each activity at their Hope Centers.

The fact that in their communities they have someone to trust is a blessing. These children are experiencing the love of God through each of the actions their tutors perform at their Hope Centers, and I am part of this beautiful service.

Rachy Martínez, Support, Care, and Experience Assistant at OneChild’s Dominican Republic office

Rachy Martínez

I am a Child Champion because I want to bring hope to the hardest places, and what that motivates me to do it is meet the needs that these children have.

I love being a Child Champion because in a way I can help continue with the work and fulfillment of God’s purpose in the life of these children.

Angela Pineda, Dominican Republic Hope Center Director

Angela Pineda

God called me to serve Him by serving the children. It is what I love to do. I believe that there is nothing I do better than serving children.

My dream for the children of Katanga Los Minas is that they can be transformed.

I don’t want them to come to the Hope Center just to hang out and have fun but to help them grow in so many areas that tomorrow we can see them transforming the community.

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