Crisis Fund

Help Bring Hope in the Hardest Times

The Children’s Crisis Fund brings hope to children living in poverty in their greatest hour of need. Donations to this fund make an incredible difference, especially in light of global inflation. With your help, OneChild extends vital care to children facing the hardest of times such as large-scale disasters and personal emergencies. Gifts to this fund also provide preventive medical care for kids, which helps save lives.

Your Gift Will Provide

Your gifts provide life-changing care after natural disasters like typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and landslides.

Crisis interventions during threatening events like war and violent political riots help bring children stability and hope.

With your help, the Children’s Crisis Fund offers lifesaving assistance during outbreaks of deadly diseases like cholera, measles, malaria, dengue, severe flu, Ebola, and HIV/AIDS.

Kids and families in hard places are truly grateful for support during natural calamities such as droughts and famines.

Children’s lives are saved through major medical interventions such as heart surgeries, kidney transplants, prolonged hospitalizations, leg/hand amputation and replacements, and major disability rectification. Kids also receive equipment like wheelchairs, automated bicycles, and any other types of medical equipment that they need to thrive.

Trauma counseling, therapeutic group activities, and socio-emotional support help children who have suffered tragedy find healing and a new beginning.

A Child in Crisis Needs Your Help

Your generous donation today helps children in desperate need discover hope. Any amount makes a real difference! Many kids in hard places live in impoverished areas where infrastructure is lacking and communities have no resources to handle crises. That’s why your donation is so important.