An ‘Angel’ in the Neighborhood Helps Kids Stay Safe

Story and photos by Kalis Parra, Dominican Republic Field Communications Specialist

A shopkeeper next to a Hope Center in the Dominican Republic is inspired by the Child Champions to do his part protecting kids on their way to the center and making his community a better place.

Angel is a shopkeeper with a store next to a Hope Center.

Angel is a shopkeeper with a secondhand clothing store next door to the Miradas de Amor Hope Center in Los Salados Nuevo, Dominican Republic.

As a neighbor, he has noticed how the Hope Center is a great blessing for his community and the kids who attend activities there.

“These women care a lot about our children,” Angel says of the Child Champions at the center. “They take care of them, they provide food, gifts, medicine and meet all their needs.”

Angel is an example of how Hope Centers not only change the hearts of the children but also the hearts of the parents and neighbors around them.

Week after week, people in the community like Angel are eyewitnesses to what the Child Champions are doing, and they feel motivated to be part of this change and to contribute their part in this community transformation.

Although Angel is not directly involved with the Hope Center, watching the way the Child Champions help kids has inspired him to emulate them and do what he can for the kids living in poverty in his neighborhood.

The street where the Hope Center is located is busy, with many vehicles passing by daily. As Angel sits in front of his business, he is always alert when children are going to cross the street, he will run over to help them cross safely.

Angel cares about the safety of these children, and he understands the impact that the Hope Center and Child Champions are making in their lives.

He knows that the children are going to a place where they’ll be safe and where they will learn and receive love, and he wants to be part of this change, directly or indirectly.

Angel’s store, left, is next door to the Miradas de Amor Hope Center.

“The Hope Center is impacting the community in an extraordinary way,” Angel says. “The children come to this place, and it is not in vain. They are receiving values ​​and learning about God.

“I want my community to be transformed in a good way, and by these children coming to the Hope Center I know the transformation is possible.”

And while Angel doesn’t work at the Hope Center, he is still a Child Champion for the kids there. With his simple service, he is helping keep the children safe.

Angel understands that working with and protecting children is everyone’s job — and we are grateful for neighbors like Angel.

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