The Impact of Sponsorship

By Kalis Minelys

During a visit to meet her sponsored child in the Dominican Republic, a sponsor sees firsthand how her hope, love, and support are making an eternal difference in that child’s life.

Kelly with her sponsored child Alex, right, and Alex’s brother when she visited the Dominican Republic.

Kelly has been sponsoring Alex in the Dominican Republic for four years now. She is a wife and a mom of two boys, and an enterprising woman who owns a beauty salon.

“I heard about OneChild one morning at church,” Kelly says. “What motives me to sponsor a child was my love for the Lord and His people.”

Sponsorship goes beyond supporting a child from a foreign country with monthly donations or writing and receiving letters from him or her.

Sponsorship gives supporters the opportunity to know their children, to love them, and to form a strong relationship with them and their family.

This is what Kelly has experienced over the years as a sponsor. Kelly describes her sponsored boy, Alex, as “precious” and “extremely smart.” He lives with his twin brother, older brother, and mom, who is also a hairstylist.

Alex’s mom, Carolina, is a single mother and says she doesn’t know what she would do without the support of Kelly and the Hope Center in her life and community.

“Two of my three boys are part of the Hope Center,” Carolina says. “The Hope Center is such a blessing to me and this community.

“My kids have a place where they hear about God and learn that there’s so much more for them, that they have a future.”

Alex helps sponsor Kelly carry a suitcase full of Vacation Bible School supplies to the Hope Center.

Carolina describes Kelly and her family as “incredible” and says they have impacted their lives so much.

“We love them so much!” she says. “They are part of my family, and I pray God continued blessing on their lives so they can continue blessing my boy’s life.”

Trip of a Lifetime

Throughout the year, sponsors have the opportunity to take mission trips to the Dominican Republic where they can serve at Hope Centers and meet their sponsored kids.

In 2017, Kelly had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with other sponsors, and she had the chance to meet Alex and his family.

“I can’t express how it was meeting my sponsored boy without tears,” says Kelly. “I’ve been blessed to meet him and his precious family twice. It was definitely life changing. I can’t even begin to explain how rewarding it is. I pray even bigger prayers over them now.

“Knowing and seeing their love for others and us, it’s so amazing how God can always bridge the gap. They loved us from day one as we did them.

“Also, to see how incredibly loved they were by their mom and grandma was so insightful. Just an overall awesome blessing!”

Kelly hugs her sponsored child Alex and his brother.

Kelly says sponsorship has impacted her in so many ways, but mainly through the love she receives from Alex and his family.

“Sponsorship leaves me excited and wanting to do more! Knowing that such a tiny gift of money that’s not even mine to start with could make such a difference in a life is so rewarding.

“I will forever recommend others to sponsor through OneChild over and over!

“If you are thinking about sponsoring a child, I would say, ‘please don’t miss out on this blessing!’ God calls each one of us to serve and bless his people. Such a small gift with great reward.”

Small Sacrifice, Eternal Impact

Kids in poverty all over the world need supporters the most in times of crisis like the one the world is facing right now due to COVID-19.

They need hope, love, and support, and that is exactly what OneChild, through sponsorship, has being doing.

Kelly says meeting her sponsored child Alex forever changed her life.

The generosity of our sponsors makes it possible for Hope Centers to provide food, supplies, and medical help to thousands of children and families, not only in the Dominican Republic but all over the world in countries where OneChild works.

“I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the impact OneChild is making by supporting my child and his family during this crisis,” Kelly says.

“I would like to encourage you if you are going through rough moments right now and are planning to stop sponsoring. I would say keep your eyes focused on eternal matters.

“This is such a small sacrifice to a possible eternal difference. Giving one precious child HOPE! Nothing outweighs that!”

Sponsorship gives you the chance to change the world one child at a time by providing hope, love, and support to children with pressing needs, but it will also change your life in the process.

“As a sponsor and part of my boy’s life and his family, I pray that he and his brothers grow up to love and serve the Lord by serving others in their beautiful country,” Kelly says. “That they seek the will of the Lord over their lives is my biggest dream for them.”

Give a child living in poverty love, encouragement, and vital care. Sponsor a child today!

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