Ways to Give

Children’s Crisis Fund

Children’s Crisis Fund

The Children’s Crisis Fund helps us respond quickly by providing disaster relief and preventive medical care. From an unexpected medical need to a natural disaster that devastates a community, your gift brings hope to children when all hope seems lost.

A child enthusiastically raises his hand and smiles.

The OneChild Partners Fund

Your gift to the OneChild Partners Fund will help us reach more kids, open more Hope Centers and do whatever it takes to bring hope to hard places. Partners like you, who give without restriction, are standing shoulder to shoulder with OneChild leadership in trust that your dollars will be maximized for whole-mission impact. These funds may be applied to any country, any special program, any urgent need or even just for gas in the tank to get a facilitator out to a remote village. Thank you for your generous partnership!

Give Now

A child receives a special Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift Fund

We believe every child should experience the joy of Christmas. Your donation helps make that possible for the children in our care. At celebrations hosted in our Hope Centers, all kids receive a special meal and gift and learn about God’s love.

A child in Nicaragua smiles and rests her head on her desk at school, where she is learning.

Support Unsponsored Children

You can give kids in OneChild’s program hope while they wait to be sponsored. Your gift will help provide medical care, nutritious food and educational opportunities. Please help children in poverty continue to receive life-changing benefits while they wait!


A girl smiles and discovers hope for the future.

Sponsor a Child

You can help give a precious child living in poverty love, encouragement, and vital care! Your monthly donation of $39 will help provide life-changing child development opportunities in the areas of health, education, faith, and community. Kids receive this incredible support at Hope Centers that are staffed by Child Champions — caring adults who love and protect them. Plus, you’ll be able to build a special relationship with your sponsored child as you exchange letters and prayer requests!

A child in poverty is given medical attention, which can help save lives.


Special Projects Aimed at Reaching Kids (SPARKs) create shared solutions and ignite change. Your partnership will empower kids to thrive in every area of their lives, including health, education, community, and faith.

Share Hope with Family Gifts

Today, you can help your sponsored child’s family buy items they need but can’t afford. Special family gifts provide the whole family with everything from gloves and goats to rice and roofs. You can make a family gift donation once a year and our Child Champions will work with each family to determine their greatest need and the best use of your generous gift funds.

Thank you for your generosity in stepping boldly into the hard places where your family gift will make a world of difference.