Special Projects Aimed at Reaching Kids

Your support makes a powerful impact for good in the world.

OneChild Partner Fund

OneChild Partners Fund

Your charitable contributions to our OneChild Partners Fund strengthen our program and allow us to go further into hard places.

Gifts to our OneChild Partners Fund allow our resilient Child Champions to provide program benefits to children waiting for sponsors and meet urgent and unanticipated needs for our Hope Centers and families in hard places.

Your partnership will create sustainable solutions that empower kids to thrive in every area of life:

  • Vibrant Health
  • Quality Education
  • Supportive Community
  • A journey of Faith

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A child in poverty is given medical attention, which can help save lives.

Health and Human Services

With your generous support of health and human services, kids living in poverty stay healthy and receive medical care when they need it, including:

  • Nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Child protection, health support and disease prevention
  • Medical equipment, environmental safety and humanitarian action
  • Medical treatment and care for sick children

Donate today and impact tomorrow!

Educational and Transformational Leadership

Education and Transformational Leadership

Your support of education and transformational leadership will ensure children receive the educational support they need to succeed and lead. Many impoverished children don’t have opportunities for formal education. For those who attend school, the quality of education can be so inadequate that they graduate without basic reading and math skills. Impoverished children in OneChild’s program have a better quality of education. And through structured learning and contextualized programming at Hope Centers, Child Champions inspire kids to dream.

Your contributions can help children in a variety of ways:

  • Promotion of education and higher learning, including direct support for schools in some countries
  • Career guidance, livelihood training and positive youth development
  • Leadership opportunities that improve children’s lives into the future

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Capacity Building and Development

Capacity Building and Development

Listening to the communities we serve fuels innovation and change even in the most challenging areas.

Your support of capacity building and development will bring families hope for the future and economic stability, including:

  • Strengthening infrastructure to improve children’s lives
  • Innovative building projects that support a flourishing community and environment
  • Resource management

Donate today and impact tomorrow!

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

Child Champions in children’s communities help them rise above difficult circumstances. Through local partnerships with churches, communities and schools, Child Champions carry out activities that help children see their true worth, including:

  • Retreats, camps and faith-building connections to nurture future leaders
  • Psychosocial growth and church-based education that build godly character

Donate today and impact tomorrow!