An Extraordinary Gift of a Toilet

By Babylene Bocayes, Philippines Field Communications Specialist, and Fely Densing, Punta Biao Hope Center Director   |  Photos by Hope Center Staff

A sponsored child’s family in the Philippines desperately needed a toilet of their own but couldn’t afford one — and then Child Champions stepped in.

Iza Joy, 7, has been in OneChild’s program in the Philippines for two years. Her Child Champions at her Hope Center support her through learning activities like Sunday school, food relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, and medical and dental checkups.

Iza Joy and her family stand by the foundation they built to accommodate a toilet.

Such support is making a difference in the life of Iza Joy. In addition to this support and relief, her Child Champions visit her at home, where she lives in poverty with her family. On one of these visits, the Child Champions discovered that Iza Joy’s family did not have a toilet at home.

Hope Center Director Fely Densing says the family has not had a bathroom of their own for five years.

“They just ask their neighbor if they could use their toilet. For more than five years, this is their way of life,” Fely says.

One day during a Hope Center parents’ meeting, Fely told Iza Joy’s parents that families like theirs without toilets would be given one of their own.

“They only needed to provide for the foundation where the toilet would be set up, and then the Hope Center would give the toilet bowl,” Fely says.

Iza’s family was overjoyed and worked together to dig a foundation for the toilet. After two days, the Child Champions delivered their toilet.

When the family received the toilet, they were happy and grateful.

“Finally, they have their toilet that they can call their own. They will not struggle anymore asking their neighbors to use their toilet,” Fely says.

OneChild is thankful to partner with Child Champions who go out of their way and think outside the box to help the children. Iza Joy may be living in poverty, but with the hope that is planted in her heart by her Child Champions through small things like a toilet, Iza Joy and her family have dignity as well as hope for a better future.

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