Back to School During COVID

By Kalis Minelys, Field Communications Specialist, Dominican Republic   |  Photos by Kalis Minelys

How Child Champions in the Dominican Republic are helping kids prep for an unusual school year.

Going back to school is an exciting season for kids in the Dominican Republic, but not so exciting for parents who struggle to pay for supplies for their children to go back to class.

Children walk home with a bag of school supplies from their Hope Center in the Dominican Republic.

Children walk home with a bag of school supplies from their Hope Center in the Dominican Republic.


For Dominican kids the new school year will begin on November 2 and will continue online since the pandemic has been increasing in the country. Children will still need school supplies, however. This online set up has added concern for parents who are financially unable to prepare their children for school. The economic situation that the country is facing due to COVID-19 is creating more poverty and needs for families. Companies are closing or downsizing, which is causing parents to lose their jobs, and the cost of living is increasing.

All these situations are creating new opportunities for Hope Centers to bless the families from their communities.

Thanks to donations from sponsors, Child Champions have the chance to take an extra burden off of these parents by providing school supplies for their children so they will be ready for school.

A mother from the community says, “The Hope Center has been such a blessing for us during the pandemic by providing food and supplies, and now that the kids are getting ready to go back to school, they are giving them school supplies. I can’t be more grateful with them and the sponsors for loving us so well.”


School supply distribution at Hope Center DO-001

School supply distribution at Hope Center DO-001


Child Champions prepare to distribute school supplies to children.


Mother going home with her daughter after picking up her school supply kit.


Sponsored children excitedly open their school supply kits.

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