The Power of a Letter

By Kalis Parra   |  Photos Courtesy of Hope Center Staff

After a sponsor meets her little girl in the Dominican Republic, she understands how much hope letters bring.

Sponsorship creates a bond between a child and a sponsor that transcends location and language barriers. Children from different parts of the world are connected to those who faithfully support them through letters. Children and sponsors have the opportunity to be constantly in communication through letters, and they have the chance to be part of each other’s lives, even though they may be thousands of miles apart.

Kathy and Santa hugging

Kathy meets Santa, her sponsored child, for the first time.

This is the story of two lives that were transformed through the power of letters.

Two years ago, Kathy heard about OneChild while visiting her church in Ohio. “I decided to sponsor a child!” she says. “Her name is Santa, and she’s 7 years old.” Santa, who is a refugee from Haiti, attends Rescatando Niños Hope Center in Dajabon, Dominican Republic.

“She is part of my family now, and God has chosen me to help care for her. Santa’s health, education and well-being are important to me. I have the chance to make an incredible difference in a child’s life!”

On a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Kathy had the opportunity to meet Santa and her family.

“Meeting Santa was like reuniting with a member of my family because we were always connected through letters,” says Kathy. “We hugged one another and rejoiced that God had brought us to be in each other’s lives!”


Santa in front of her home

Santa, who is part of a refugee family from Haiti, lives in extreme poverty in the town of Dajabon, Dominican Republic, but receives life-changing help at OneChild’s Rescatando Niños Hope Center.

Today, Kathy and Santa continue keeping in touch through letters. “Writing and sending letters to Santa is really important,” says Kathy. “We send letters to one another that include colored pictures, photos, and other mailable items. I write to remind her that someone across the world loves her and is praying for her. I want her to know that I’m real and that she’s special and matters to me very much. I get so excited every time I see a letter in my mailbox! Also, I keep regular tabs on her via the OneChild website. I’m watching Santa develop through these letters. My refrigerator is filled with pictures that she colors for me. It brings my heart joy!”


Kathy with letters

As Kathy and Santa write letters to each other regularly, they are building a strong relationship based on encouragement and love.

Kathy encourages all sponsors to write letters to their children.

“You have no idea how much they look forward to your letters!” says Kathy. “When I visited Santa last year, she had the letters I wrote and the photos I sent her nearby. She keeps them, looks at them, and is reminded that she is truly loved. These letters are so meaningful to children. Please take time to write to your sponsored child. The smile they get on their face after receiving a letter from you is so worth the few minutes it takes to write!’’

Write your child!

You can send your sponsored child an encouraging note today. Your words will bring real hope!

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