How We Celebrate Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic

Story and photos by Kalis Minelys, Dominican Republic Field Communications Specialist

Moms of kids at a Hope Center in the Dominican Republic get extra special attention on Mother’s Day to remind them of how special they are, and that God sees them and loves them.

Kids at Hope Centers in the Dominican Republic make crafts for their moms on Mother’s Day.

Every year in the Dominican Republic on the last Sunday of May, we celebrate an important day for all of us: Mother’s Day.

For Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, Child Champions at each Hope Center prepare activities for children to make crafts for their moms and prepare talks and workshops for moms to motivate them and to give them hope for the future.

We want to remind mothers that they matter, too, and that their jobs as mothers are not in vain, that their duty is important, and that God sees them, loves them, and is proud of them. We want to let them know to never give up on hope.

This year, Bethel Hope Center gathered mothers living in poverty in their community for a spa day. Child Champions and teenagers served them and prepared a special meal for them.

Mothers of kids at the Hope Centers in the Dominican Republic were treated to a spa day on Mother’s Day.

“We love this community, and we love the mothers we have,” says Yuleisi, the center director. “That is why we wanted all of them to understand and receive the love God has for them.

“We wanted each mother in our community to embrace their beauty and the beauty of being a mom because God created them in His image, and they are gifted and unique.

“That is why this year we focused on the internal beauty and the love that God has for them. Since that day they are more involved in the activities we have as a Hope Center and church. We know that what we are doing is making an impact in their lives.”

On behalf of the Hope Centers in the Dominican Republic, we want to congratulate and celebrate each mother who supports us and makes our work and service possible in vulnerable communities in our country.

We know that it’s been a rough year in so many ways, but to all the moms who never stopped supporting us, we pray that God continues blessing you abundantly.

Please pray for all of the mothers of kids in OneChild’s program, that they have the strength and resilience to raise their families well despite living in hard places.

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