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Thank you to all of you who covered the people of Ethiopia in prayer! We praise God that our Hope Centers were able to remain open and provide comfort and assurance to the children even during the height of the recent struggle. Our country office reports that the government has pushed the rebel forces back, and a sense of stability is returning to much of the country. Please continue to pray for the children and their families, along with their faithful Child Champions, as they are still facing challenges from a sharp rise in the cost of food and other necessities.

Greetings from Ethiopia, my name is Getachew Teku, and I have been with OneChild since 2006. As a Country Director, I appreciate everything you do to support the children in my country.

While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted peoples’ livelihoods, the Hope Centers in Ethiopia have been able to adapt to the challenges and continue to be a representative of safety and support for the children we serve. We formed a task force to facilitate interactions between children and Hope Center staff and also hired more Child Champions to offer health education and provide school materials, Bible lessons, relief aid, and personal hygiene supplies. Most importantly, the Child Champions have created a safe space where children feel comfortable sharing their concerns and receive prayer support and counseling, remotely or in person.

As we have continued sharing information with families about how to control the spread of the virus, the majority of our beneficiaries have remained healthy. However, we have noticed a shift in the children’s priorities and future aspirations. Although they once felt free to dream adventurously about the future, they’re now more risk-averse, and their prayers focus on the safety of their families.

More than ever, children are ready to support their loved ones and communities. They want to be a part of protecting others and creating a better tomorrow by planting trees, studying hard to become medical professionals, and joining the military.

Even though our kids are being served in their homes, they are eager for things to normalize so that they can rejoin their friends at their Hope Centers. They miss having access to special skills training, vocational studies, recreation services, and group field trips. They miss studying in a quiet place like a library where they can choose from a variety of books and do their homework assignments. They miss being part of a sports team, blending their voices during choir practice, exercising their leadership strengths, initiating programmatic changes, and enjoying the growth opportunities that will help them reach their goals.

They miss being surrounded by the things that bring HOPE to them and others.

That is why it is very important for Child Champions to partner with parents and caregivers. When we work together, we create stability and consistency for children whether they are home or at their Hope Centers. As children grow in their faith, they see the value of living a healthy, safe, and loving life — they’re excited to share this connection with God and their loved ones! And families need that perfect relationship right now in the midst of job loss, high inflation, scarcity of food, and times of uncertainty.

Because of unflinching support, prayers, and the exchange of letters and photos, children here feel remembered and loved even during the most difficult moments. Do you know anyone who would like to give a child in Ethiopia the chance to reach their God-given potential? Please encourage them become a sponsor today!


Getachew Teku

Country Director, Ethiopia

About Ethiopia

Child Champions in Ethiopia tell us about their country.

Ethiopia is a landlocked country located in the Horn of Africa. It is an ecologically diverse place that ranges from deserts to mountains to rainforests and is home to a variety of wildlife such as black-maned lions, honey badgers, and many different species of monkeys. Known for its delicious arabica coffee, stunning active volcanoes, and ancient monuments and churches, Ethiopia is filled with rich history and culture. Nothing represents this culture more than its coffee ceremony — taught to girls at a young age — which demonstrates a spirit of leisurely hospitality and community. But despite all it has to offer, Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with 40% of the population living in poverty.

A scene in rural Ethiopia.

Although Ethiopia is rich in natural resources, there has not been adequate research and development to tap into these assets, so they are managed by limited knowledge and cultural practices that lack proper technology and tracking. Housing is poor and does not offer basic amenities. Clean drinking water and medical facilities are not widely available, which puts families at risk for serious illness and disease.

Education is not a high priority, so many people remain unschooled. Instead of traveling long distances to learn, children feel pressured to go to work at an early age, doing tasks like shining shoes, herding cattle, or farming in order to help support their families. Around the home, they are busy assisting with the daily chores of collecting firewood and fetching water since they do not have access to modern utilities. All too often, their childhood is traded for survival.

Bringing hope to hard places means a lot in Ethiopia because so many families live in abject poverty and are without any hope. Where there is no access to food, clean water, medical services, and education, it’s difficult to raise a healthy child. But through OneChild’s program, Child Champions are committed to sharing these burdens and providing children with a safe haven where they can grow strong and make use of their God-given potential. OneChild is in Ethiopia to show kids that a better life is possible and to give them a reason to HOPE.

Ethiopia Hope Centers


OneChild offers a holistic development program designed to meet the needs of this most vulnerable group in Ethiopian society through quality education, food and health care relief, and socio-emotional and spiritual support. Child Champions in OneChild Hope Centers, along with the partnership of local churches, are providing the tools the next generation needs to build a brighter future, serving children from all regions and different religious and cultural backgrounds. In the unity of God’s love, these children benefit equally from resources that would otherwise be out of reach, giving them the chance to make a difference in their communities.


Poverty erodes dignity for many in Ethiopian society. But with access to education, vocational and life-skills training, proper nutrition, quality health care, and the truth of God’s Word, the children here can thrive in all aspects of life and lead the way to redeeming the country and reminding its people of their value.

We are accountable to the children we serve AND to our donors.

Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. OneChild is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)