Antony’s Story of Hope

We love Antony’s heart and how his sponsor gives him hope for the future. This video will help you see how much your sponsorship means to your child. Thanks for making a difference in your child’s life!

Is my sponsorship truly making a difference?

You may wonder when you pray over the photo of a child you’ve put on your fridge, or when you get letters from us in the mail. This commitment I’ve made, does it matter?

Two staff members from OneChild’s headquarters in Colorado Springs traveled overseas — through Ethiopia and Kenya on their way to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania — to see OneChild’s ministry to children firsthand.

During their time in Kenya, God directed their steps and arranged for them to meet Antony. As soon as they met Antony, it was obvious that God had something to say.

Antony attends a OneChild Hope Center in Kajiado, where Child Champions help him succeed in the nearby government school. He was eager to tell them all about his sponsors, even begging them to visit his house so he could show them a photo of his sponsors.

Antony’s home is a simple mud structure. When our friends stepped inside the dark hut, they were astonished to see a shelf built into the mud wall. Antony’s mother had ensured her son would have a place to study by candlelight! And because of the generosity of Antony’s sponsors and the outstanding tutoring he receives at his Hope Center, he is excelling in school.

Antony’s love for his sponsors is so clear, so profound. His prayers are sincere, and their photo cherished.

We want to share Antony’s story with you because sometimes it’s hard to see the difference you are making on this side of eternity. But oh, just imagine the reunion in heaven when Antony will finally meet those who invested in him!

We pray that as you seek ways to make a difference in the life a child, you recognize that sponsoring a child is effective and important. Together, we can help children in poverty discover hope and thrive!

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