Christmas in the Philippines

COVID-19 took a major toll on countries like the Philippines.

Months of lockdowns followed by strict social distancing kept many families from going to their jobs for extended periods, although people typically work day to day for their evening meal. There are no pantries in rural villages in the Philippines, so they suffered a food crisis on top of a global pandemic. As desperation set in, compliance with distancing measures became less vital than avoiding starvation. Contact became more frequent, the virus spread, and cases increased.

Christmas in the Philippines Covid-19

Like much the rest of the world, the Philippines was caught in this seemingly unending cycle.

OneChild Hope Centers shifted to remote learning early on, with Child Champions risking their own health and well-being to provide food relief, hygiene supplies, and learning materials to children restricted to their homes for months.

So, Christmas had no choice but to look different this year.

Gone were the decorations, presentations, and shared meals of Hope Center Christmases past. Gone was the sound of laughter and joyful voices singing of the birth of our Savior. Gone was the hope of having something “normal” to look forward to.

But then something extraordinary happened.

OneChild sponsors and donors answered the call to provide children with a special Christmas in a time when good things have been few and far between. Funds were raised and sent out into the field where Child Champions assessed each family’s need. They masked up, spread out, and got shopping. Bargains were made and dollars stretched. Outfits were matched and chosen with particular care. Toys and shoes were gathered and food was collected. Everything purchased was individually wrapped in festive paper and delivered to the tune of carols being sung with the accompaniment of a Child Champion’s guitar.

Christmas in the Philippines - gift of shoes for child

And children smiled for the first time in a long time.

Their families wept with gratitude and could not stop saying thank you. Hearts were touched and lives were changed. And the love of our Lord Jesus was apparent in every action taken to make this Christmas special for every child.

Christmas in the Philippines - happy family with gifts

This could not have been accomplished without the blessing of sponsors and donors who entrusted OneChild with their gifts in a time when it wasn’t easy to give. From the bottom of our hearts — THANK YOU. And may God bless you and yours this year as you have blessed these children and their families!

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