Christmas in Honduras

Covid-19 changed a lot about the world, and the way we traditionally celebrate Christmas was not immune.

Christmas in Honduras - boy with giftThe festivities in Honduras were different this year since most of the Hope Centers were unable to hold their traditional Christmas presentations, dances, plays, singing, and feasts. But thanks to the generous donations of sponsors and donors, the global pandemic did not stop us from having a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Parents sent their children’s wishes and clothing sizes in advance to ensure a perfect fit, and Child Champions visited local stores and shopped from open to close, searching for special gifts.

Children and teens in some Hope Centers were treated to a special meal and given presents especially for them onsite. Others picked their meal and gifts up from the Hope Center and enjoyed them at home. At one Hope Center, the Christmas gift included an uncooked chicken for the family to prepare as their special Christmas Eve meal.

Parents were amazed by the bounty of blessings that not only benefited their children but their entire families in a time when it was needed most.

When asked what he thought about the Christmas celebrations this year, one 14-year-old boy named Jostin said that he thought he would miss the traditional festivities, but the Christmas gift and yummy meal were great, and he was so thankful.

Christmas in Honduras_mother with childFor the parents, caregivers, and Child Champions, this year has been a time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas — how generous and loving support can take away the burden of worry over how to make this a special time for our children and focus on our Savior’s birth.

The contributions from OneChild sponsors and donors made this possible, and we are so grateful for this very Merry Christmas.



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