A Day Through Nazareth’s Eyes


Hello, my name is Nazareth! I am 14 years old, and I live with my mother and father in mud home that is close to many shops and the river. Please be praying that my father finds employment, and that God would strengthen my mother as she works all day to provide for us. I am so thankful I can attend the center and learn so many things! My favorite class is science, and one day I want to be a doctor so I can help the sick people in my community. Here is what a day looks like through my eyes:


This is Jerry, my favorite cat in the whole world! My brother and I have taken care of him for 6 years. My favorite thing about Jerry is that he always snuggles me when I’m sad. But he can be very naughty and will knock things off the table.


This is the park in front of my school. It is special to me because this is where I go when I am sad or when I am mad. I sit here when I need some time to be by myself, especially when I don’t do well on an exam.


I also like to go to the other side of the park. This side is where I play with my friends – we can sit and talk or run around and have fun. So one part of the park is where I go when I’m sad, and the other side is where I go to have fun.


These girls are my absolute best friends! We are all in the same grade, and we’ve been friends since we were little, maybe like 8 years now. You can also see my other best friend in the back left of the photo. She ran away because she didn’t want her picture taken!


I used to love to play basketball. I played on the basketball team at my previous school – we would play on this basketball court, and we would even go to tournaments. Since I switched schools there are no opportunities for me to play, but whenever I see this court I have some really nice memories.


My family and I live on the side of a mountain, and this is the view when you step out my front door. My home is about a 30 minute walk from my school, but I think this is so pretty to see when I leave my house every morning.


One of my favorite things is flowers. These are some flowers outside of my school, and I think they are so pretty. And my classmate didn’t want her photo taken – ha ha!


This is the sidewalk in front of my school, where I go every day to either attend school or pick up my little brother. I also like to come and visit my teachers just to say hi.


We like to play lots of games at the Child Development Center, and I love that my cousin comes with me. In this photo, we are playing a running game on these courts that are just down the street from the Center.


This is my age group at the Child Development Center. All of us have been attending the Center together since we were three years old! A couple other kids have left, but most of us are still together. There’s only one other person in this group that goes to the same school as me, and everyone else goes to different schools.

While most of us probably first notice the low resolution in the photos or some of the crummy conditions, Nazareth sees beauty in flowers, joy in her activities, and blessing in her friends. And what we love most is her vulnerability and openness to sharing some of her special places with us. Thanks, Nazareth! You are a bright light!

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