A Day Through Kristhel’s Eyes


Hi, I’m Kristhel. I am 15 years old, and I live in Honduras. My dream one day is to become a businesswoman or a teacher, because I want to have a stable job and be able to provide for my loved ones. I know this takes a lot of hard work, so I study hard in school and do really well in my math and English classes. When I’m not studying, I like to listen to music, play tag, or jump rope with my friends. I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of my day!


Sometimes during the school day, I like to go up to the 5th floor to look out at the sky. I do this because it gives me a few minutes to think about God, how He is beyond the sky and He is looking after me. God is the most important person in my life. He is always with me and He is my encourager to keep going when things get tough.


This is my best friend Johanna. We’ve known each other for a few years, and she is always making me laugh. I hang out with her and my cousins often, and we usually like to go out and eat baleadas (a Honduran street food).


I have a brother and a sister who are both younger than me. They are 13 and 4 years old. The day that I took this picture, my brother was sick with a headache and cough and stayed home from school. Because my mom works during the week as a maid, I will stay home and take care of them. My grandfather lives next door, but he works too, so he only comes to help us at night.


My father gave me this bear when I was 7 years old. When he was coming to visit one day, he brought me this bear as a special present. My stepfather was really jealous. My father is not around much; sometimes he calls and sometimes he doesn’t. But I like to keep this bear as a reminder of that day.


I consider my stepfather to be the real father in my life. That is a photo of him with a painting that he made. I remember we were eating fruit one day and he decided to paint a picture of it, because they were all my favorite fruits. So he made me a special painting. He passed away when I was 10 years old. This photo is a few years old now, but I love the reminder of him.

I have a teacher at the Hope Center. He really cares about us and always asks about how we are doing. He has helped me to become a leader in my age group because he will ask me questions first when others are a little shy. After I answer, the others feel more comfortable to answer. I like that I am learning to be a good example.

Kristhel, you are a great leader and have an inspiring story! Keep up all of your hard work and we know you will achieve your dreams!

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