Pray for the Philippines

On Thursday, December 16, Typhoon Rai made landfall in the Philippines, leaving behind widespread devastation. To help children in times of crisis, please give to the Children’s Crisis Fund.

As of December 27, the strongest storm of the year, Typhoon Rai, has taken the lives of nearly 400 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Over 700 registered children and their families, as well as local church partners, were impacted by the storm and have taken shelter in evacuation centers.

At Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch, no one was hurt, but felled trees, damaged buildings, destroyed houses, and debris — both on the ranch and out in the surrounding community — will take a lot of time and effort to clean up. Watch an update from our partner, John Williford.

While we praise God for the good news that no injuries or deaths have been reported, we are heartbroken for the children and families who lost everything just before Christmas and are now facing homelessness, food insecurity, fuel shortages, loss of utilities, and the spread of disease in the coming months.

Please pray for comfort, relief, and peace as the people of the Philippines rebuild all that was lost.

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