Flooding in Haiti 2022

On Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022, a cold front in Haiti unleashed heavy rain and high winds that caused many rivers to overflow their banks, resulting in widespread flash flooding. To help children in crisis, please give to the Children’s Crisis Fund.

As of Feb. 4, 2022, floods in Haiti have impacted more than 2,500 people and displaced nearly 2,000. Across the country, evacuees fleeing through waist- and chest-high water have crowded into shelters where relief workers are struggling to provide enough food and clean water.

More than 141 families and eight staff members from four different Hope Centers were affected by the storm, leaving close to 60 families displaced. Child Champions and OneChild partners have mobilized to collect and distribute relief items, offer counseling, and provide school supplies so that the children can continue with their learning and maintain a sense of normalcy.

We praise God that no injuries or deaths have been reported, but our hearts go out to all of the children and families in poverty who lost their homes and belongings as they face the long road to recovery.

Please join us in prayer for comfort, peace, and relief as they rebuild their lives.

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