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You’ll be encouraged by OneChild’s free, inspirational resources — created especially for pastors. Explore Intercultural Leadership for Generational Impact, a dynamic course that helps you succeed when engaging with leaders from other cultures. Plus, be uplifted and challenged as pastors across the country discuss innovative ideas in OneChild’s Missions Pastor Podcast. Both resources will ignite your passion for missions and help your church make a global impact.

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During this nine-session leadership course, you’ll learn about the traits that make a leader successful when engaging with leaders from other cultures for a shared vision. You’ll also be inspired by OneChild’s global partners, as they break down the elements of positive intercultural development in order to bring about good and make the world a better place for kids living in poverty.

Explore Podcasts

Be encouraged in your ministry by listening to OneChild’s podcasts! You’ll be uplifted by each episode, as pastors across the country discuss bringing HOPE to hard places. From topics like “Empowering Local Leaders for Missions” to “Keeping Your Church Engaged in Missions Over Time” to “Unleashing Men into Missions,” you’ll be inspired as you discover innovative ideas that will change lives.