Lessons From a Missionary

Shane Mikeska is the Missions Minister at Central Baptist Church in College Station, Texas. But before that, Shane and his family served as missionaries in Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Shane shares lessons he learned from that experience.

Today’s conversation is with Shane Mikeska, the Missions Minister at Central Baptist Church in College Station, Texas. Shane’s 15 years as a missionary has given him an important perspective as he helps shape the missions efforts of Central Baptist Church. I asked Shane to share some of these lessons.

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Shane reminds us that missions ministry works best when everything is done for a reason. He calls this “purposefulness and intentionality.” Every decision you make as a missions pastor should be through the lens of how something fits within the specific vision God has given you and your church for outreach.

Shane also challenges us to consistently communicate that vision to our churches, encouraging them to live it out in their daily lives. Missions isn’t just about what happens across the ocean. It’s just as much about what happens in the grocery store or with international students in your own community.

And finally, it’s crucial for you as a missions pastor and for those you serve in your church to keep the main thing, the main thing. Shane’s encouragement for us to remember the importance of daily walking with Christ is something that all of us need to remember.

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