New Life

Giving New Life to Babies in Need

For more than 20 years, OneChild has partnered with New Life Home Trust in Kenya to rescue, care for and find loving adoptive homes for abandoned and vulnerable babies, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. Many of the children come to the home in need of medical intervention and are lovingly nursed back to health in the special care unit.

Why Babies Are Abandoned

In recent years, infant mortality rates in Kenya and other African countries have begun to decrease. However, the number of abandoned newborn babies and children is still staggering because of issues facing women and girls, including:

  • Disabilities
  • HIV
  • Poverty
  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Rape or incest
  • Lack of knowledge or options

Many newborn babies are left in market places, public parks, hospitals, and sometimes even latrines and trash collection centers. New Life Home partners with the Kenyan government to take in babies that are abandoned. Social workers and good Samaritans bring abandoned babies to the homes for critical care. New Life Home is a safe place for these babies to heal, grow and thrive.

New Life Home is a place of refuge where kids can be cared for. A safe bridge from abandonment to family.

National Director, New Life Home


About New Life Home

In 1994, New Life Home Trust began with three babies, when missionaries Clive and Mary Beckenham became aware of the high number of abandoned and vulnerable babies in Kenya. Now, having rescued and cared for more than 2,000 babies at 4 locations in Kenya, NLHT is a bright light in dark places.

Babies and children at each New Life Home are cared for holistically, with attention to their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Kenya and Kisumu homes are both dual licensed as children’s homes and medical centers, staffed by childcare providers, nurses and volunteer doctors.

OneChild Partnership

Recognizing the shared vision and mission to rescue and care for children in desperate need, OneChild began partnering with NLHT over 20 years ago. OneChild provides funds and support to New Life Homes on a monthly basis to cover meals, medical services, equipment, spiritual formation, and other needs to ensure that abandoned children are rescued, cared for, and placed into loving homes.

Growing Impact

  • Homes in 4 of Kenya’s provinces
  • 2,200 babies rescued
  • 90% of rescued babies have been placed in loving homes
  • New Life Home is responsible for 40% of all adoption placements in Kenya
  • 40-50% of adoptions are in-country
  • NLHT has established 2 major medical facilities with 24-hour care to provide for rescued children



“We want to rescue the kids. We care for them and try to ensure we do it holistically, not just giving food. It’s also about their spiritual lives. Their first contact with us at New Life is prayer.”

JANET MUTINDA, National Director of New Life Home

Location and capacity of homes:

  • Nairobi, 52 babies
  • Nakuru, 35 children
  • Kisumu, 70 babies and children
  • Nyeri, 25 babies