From Slavery
to Hope

A Safe Place

The Philippines Child Rescue Home is a place of healing for girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. You can help welcome a former child sex slave into a safe, nurturing, loving home.

Will you provide one day of hope for a girl rescued from slavery for $29?

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Abused Children Need Advocates

Sex Tourism

“Sex tourism” is a growing illicit industry in the Philippines, and there is a high incidence of child prostitution in tourist areas.


Trafficked victims are often promised jobs that will help their families, who are often living in poverty.


UNICEF estimates up to 100,000 children in the Philippines are involved in prostitution rings, including online pornography, which is growing rapidly.

23 Years of Care

The Philippines Child Rescue Home is not far from the epicenter of sex trafficking in Cebu, and its nurses, social workers, and other advocates have been helping heal hurting kids for 23 years.


Rescued girls are first taken to a safe house in the city, where they receive medical care, spend time with a psychologist, and get help completing police reports.


The Rescue Home is a ranch-style residence where girls live and go to school. Daily routines, including schooling, chores, and group leisure activities, are vital for re-establishing a sense of stability.


Because the girls we care for at the Philippines Child Rescue Home have been so badly abused, they require long-term care. Most girls stay at the home until they are 18 years of age.

  • 45 girls live at the home
  • 9-12 is their average age at intake
  • 48 staff provide care at the home

Help a Victim Find Hope

Even though they require a high number of professional caregivers, it only costs approximately $29 a day to provide housing, food, education, medical care, counseling, leisure activities, and hope for a girl in our home.

Will you provide one day of hope for a girl rescued from slavery?

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Phillipines - Genn

Meet Genn

Genn is a teacher at the small school attached to the Philippines Child Rescue Home. “Aside from being a teacher, I am also being a mother to them,” she says, noting that the girls have no families and, more than anything else, need love from every professional caregiver at the Home.

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