Christmas Gift
Fund Donation

Help Children in Poverty Celebrate Christmas

God gave us the greatest gift of all, the gift of His son. That’s worth celebrating! But for the parents of the children our community serves, lack of resources can make a Christmas celebration impossible.

We want every child in our care to experience the love and joy of Christmas. Our Christmas Gift Fund enables every Hope Center to host a Christmas celebration, where every child gets to share a meal, open a gift just for them, and join in celebrations and stories from scripture.

Your gift to our Christmas Gift Fund, together with the gifts of other generous supporters, will make it possible for every child in our care to celebrate.

How Much Should I Give?

  • $25 will help provide a gift for 1 child

  • $50 will help provide a gift for 2 children

  • $100 will help provide a gift for 4 children

We combine all donations and distribute funds equally so that every child registered in our program receives a Christmas gift.

Please note: Our donation window closes November 1 each year so that our staff has time to purchase gifts and make preparations. Please do not send packaged items to OneChild for Christmas gifts. It’s very expensive and difficult for us to ship these items to our Hope Centers.