Hope for Children
in the Dominican Republic

Rescue a Waiting Child in Desperate Need

The OneChild global community of Child Champions brings hope to hard places. In the Dominican Republic at our Hope Centers, kids grow in health, education, community, and faith.

The disaster relief and care we provide is critical, especially in the Dominican Republic where many of the children live in abject poverty.

Will you help one child with a gift of $10?

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Sponsorship Works

In the Dominican Republic, we help children in 36 Hope Centers around the country, and dozens of kids in poverty are waiting for a sponsor today. Sponsored children receive aid in four holistic categories:


Children living in poverty have the opportunity to learn about God and His purpose for their life.


Children living in poverty get help with their studies and are assisted in learning problem-solving, leadership, literacy, and life skills.


In an effort to help feed kids internationally, children are provided nutritious food and supplements. Additionally, impoverished children are provided access to medical check-ups and immunizations to fight common diseases.


Children are encouraged to socialize with others and receive instruction in sports, music, and drama.

Many children wait three months or more for a sponsor. You can join our worldwide Christian ministry to help the kids today.

Help a Waiting Child

Your gift of $10 to our shared purpose will support a waiting child for one month, covering the costs of their participation in a Hope Center program until we can connect them to their long-term sponsor.

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Meet Elian

Watch a powerful video about Elian and the flood that destroyed his home.