One for One: A Grandmother Dedicates
Her Life to Helping Her Grandson Thrive

Story and photos by Josela Lopez, Honduras Field Communications Specialist

A grandmother living in poverty in Honduras who rescued her grandson finds comfort and support from her church and Hope Center.

Hector is a sponsored boy who is being raised by his grandmother.

Each time someone opens the door of their house to me and invites me to sit and listen to their story, I feel blessed.

It was a sweltering day — 104 degrees Fahrenheit — when I navigated the rocky road to Hector’s house, guided by Vilma, his Hope Center Director.

The closer we got, the easier it was to recognize Hector’s house.

It was made from clay, with some cracks, and a tiled roof. In the south of Honduras, families that live on less than the equivalent of $2 a day build their houses of clay because they can’t afford cinderblock houses.

When we arrived, we yelled (as we do in Honduras), “¿Doña Teodora, está es casa?” (“Mrs. Teodora, are you home?”).

A weak voice responded, “Yes! Please come on in.”

Making Us Feel Welcome

Hector, who is a sponsored boy, came running, and with his two tiny hands and lots of effort he opened the gate made of wood and metal sheets to let us in.

Grandmother Doña Teodora walks outside her home.

As we walked toward the entrance, Mrs. Teodora came slowly out and waved to us.

She was wearing a floral dress and a yellow apron tied around her waist. She had long, white, neatly combed hair and was wearing her best accessory, her big smile.

Hector wanted to hold my camera. I asked him if he would like to have his picture taken and he nodded.

“Do you like to take pictures?” I asked.

He said he had never done it before, so he held my camera, and I showed him how to take a photo. Hector told his grandma to stop and smile at the camera.

After this sweet moment, Mrs. Teodora invited us inside the house to sit down, apologizing because she only had one extra seat, a stool. I was given the privilege of sitting on the stool while Vilma took Hector outside to play.

Hector plays outside his home.

Mrs. Teodora started by thanking me again and again for the help they have received through OneChild.

Then she unfolded her story. Let me share it with you.

A Rescued Baby

As I mentioned, Mrs. Teodora is Hector’s grandma.

We know nothing about Hector’s dad. Mrs. Teodora told us that her daughter, Hector’s mom, got pregnant at a young age. Because of her emotional and mental struggles, she was unable to care for Hector properly but refused to live with Mrs. Teodora.

Fearing for his safety, Mrs. Teodora asked her daughter to give her the baby, promising that she would take care of him. She would dedicate the rest of her life to helping Hector flourish.

One life lived for another.

Since that day, Mrs. Teodora has cared for Hector, and it has been just the two of them. One of her other grown children sends some provisions now and then, but she and Hector are mostly on their own.

A Community of Care

Because of her age and health issues, Mrs. Teodora is not able to work. You may be wondering where they get food and how they make ends meet.  I wondered too and asked her.

Inside their home.

Mrs. Teodora told me she praises God for her pastor, the Child Champions, and her neighbors. Without that support system she would not be able to make it through.

The Hope Center provides food for her and Hector on a monthly basis. She’s grateful for the food but told me she is even happier to know that Hector has a place to develop — a place where they teach him about Jesus.

The church has a heart for Hector, and he has a role to play. He worships, participates in plays, and picks up the offering.

Thinking of Hector’s Future

Like many grandparents raising grandchildren, Mrs. Teodora carries another burden: What will happen to Hector in the future? But the church and the Hope Center help give her peace of mind.

Mrs. Teodora rubs her hands together.

She said she is grateful because she knows that when the time comes for her to enter the Lord’s presence Hector will be fine.

She prays for someone to take good care of him, and for him to have more than what she could provide.

“As you can see I have not much,” she says, pointing at her house.

“But the little I have I have earned it in an honorable way. I owe nothing to no one. I am trying to sell some of my property to leave something to Hector.

“I have dedicated my life to him, and I do not regret it. I am everything he has. But I praise God that he also has the Hope Center and the church.”

Unsung Heroes

As we celebrate Mrs. Teodora, we know there are many Child Champions around the world like her who have lived their lives one-for-one — giving their all for one child to thrive.

We praise God for unsung heroes like Mrs. Teodora who are willing to step up for children — people who pray for them, support them, and most of all, who believe in them.

Please pray for the children of Honduras and ask God to continue empowering Child Champions in their communities. To partner with Child Champions, bringing hope to children like Hector, sponsor a child today.

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