OneChild sponsors provide vital care for children living in poverty. Every sponsor is paired with a child or children of their choice. Sponsorship meets the physical needs of the child and provides an opportunity for healthy, life-giving relationships with both the sponsor and loving adults who live in the child’s community. That’s how sponsorship leads to hope.


We encourage children to grow in their relationship with God in many different ways depending on the country where the child lives. Contact us for more information.  


Children attending OneChild Hope Centers are provided with nutritious food or supplements. Hope Centers facilitate play to develop children’s physical coordination and promote exercise. Our children also undergo preventive medical check-ups and are given immunizations to fight common diseases. In addition, children are taught how to take care of their bodies and protect themselves from illness through simple but effective hygiene habits and avoiding high-risk behaviors.


Many of our Hope Centers are schools. At these locations, children are instructed in a range of subjects and skills. In communities where a school is in place, Hope Centers provide tutoring services to help children with their studies and encourage them in their education. Every child in our care is taught problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, literacy, skills with numbers and mathematics, and other life skills. In addition to basic academics, older children are typically given vocational training. This training ranges from instruction in trades like sewing and carpentry to farming.

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OneChild Hope Centers are places of unconditional love and support for children. The attention children receive assures them they are loved and provides them with the emotional support they need to overcome difficult situations. In some cases counseling is provided for children who need it. While at the centers, children are also encouraged and instructed to socialize with others and treat them with kindness and respect. Sports, music, drama, and special outings are typically offered to facilitate positive interaction among the children.

Sponsored children are always cared for in a physical location called a Hope Center, which is usually attached to a partnering church or a school. Hope Centers are welcoming spaces where children feel loved and at home.


Our global community is made up of loving people who are willing to make sacrifices to better the lives of children living in poverty. We refer to everyone in the community as a Child Champion, from our sponsors to the men and women preparing food, administering vaccinations, or teaching classes in Hope Centers around the world.

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