A Global Community of Child Champions

Children living in poverty need a champion, someone who will see their potential, believe in their future, and sacrifice for their growth. That requires faith, courage and hope. And our community is full of men and women like that.

Champions in the Field

We believe everyone who makes sacrifices to give a child hope is a champion for children. This includes sponsors, staff and volunteers. OneChild sponsors make it possible for us to staff every Hope Center with local, loving adults men and women who interact with and provide care for children every day.

Relationships Bring Hope

Because sponsored children interact with the same adults every day, they form real and deep relationships. Teacher, mentor, caregiver: when these roles are filled with love, deep trust is established, and children can share their hopes and dreams. This gives the champions in the field the chance to personalize the care our sponsored children receive, whether it’s emphasizing study in a given subject or encouraging progress in a vocational track. And they have the chance to share their faith.

Recruiting for Character

Because they are in positions of responsibility and influence, OneChild looks for men and women of character when recruiting staff and volunteers for Hope Centers. Local people who have demonstrated integrity and love for children make excellent candidates.

Many of these champions in the field bring invaluable skills and experience to a Hope Center, whether in teaching, childcare or social work. Staff and volunteers are trained to meet the holistic needs of children with their context in mind.


Empowered by Sponsorship

The care provided by our Child Champions in the countries where we work is made possible by sponsorship. That’s why everyone in our community is a champion for children, whether they are providing care in a Hope Center or the sponsorship funds required to make that care possible.