Happy Horizons Children's Ranch

Give Hope to Sexual Abuse Survivors

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch, a partner with OneChild, is a place of healing for sex traffic survivors in the Philippines. Rescued girls are often referred to as sex traffic victims, but Child Champions at Happy Horizons help them see themselves as survivors. Sadly, sexual abuse of children is a growing problem in the Philippines. Read more about the issue and how OneChild is helping.

The sex trade in the Philippines is tantamount to modern day slavery. Tens of thousands of Filipino children are suffering from horrific abuse as the sex trade in the Philippines continues to grow.

  • UNICEF estimates as many as 100,000 vulnerable children in the Philippines are involved in prostitution rings, including online pornography of children, called Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC), which is rapidly growing.
  • “Sex tourism” is a growing illicit industry, and there is a high incidence of child prostitution in tourist areas.
  • Sex traffic victims are often promised jobs that will help their families. Children in poverty, especially girls, desperate for food relief and other necessities, often fall prey to traffickers.

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch is a place of healing and hope for rescued girls who have been trafficked and abused in horrific ways.

Yan Yan: The Story of a Sexual Abuse Survivor

To Dream Again

Child Champions at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch explain the problems of Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) and how Child Champions are helping girls at the ranch dream again.

25 Years of Care

The Philippines Child Rescue Home started as a safe home for children in poverty. Quickly, the home’s founders realized that many of the children they were serving had run away from home to get away from abuse.

The Philippines Child Rescue Home is not far from the epicenter of sex trafficking in Cebu, and advocates have been helping heal hurting kids for 25 years. Child Champions at the home partner with Philippine law enforcement and the International Justice Mission to take in rescued girls and bring them to Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch where they live and find hope.

Rescued From the City

When girls are first rescued from the streets and come to the Philippines Child Rescue Home, they stay there a week or longer, depending on their needs. During this time, girls receive medical care and spend time with a psychologist. The care providers help the girls with police reports and prepare them for the move out of the city to Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch.

Rehabilitation at the Ranch

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch is a ranch-style residence where girls live and go to school. Girls’ education levels are evaluated, and then an educational plan is designed to meet their specific needs, always rooted in God’s love. At the ranch, girls participate in church services and devotionals, have peer mentors, and receive ongoing aid including schooling, counseling, and medical care. As girls adjust to their new environment, they find new rhythms for life. Daily routines, including chores and group leisure activities, are vital for reestablishing a sense of stability and helping them to heal.

Long-Term Care

Some girls are toddlers when they are rescued and come to the home. Most girls stay at the home until they are 18 years old so they are able to heal and find hope for the future.