Important update
about COVID-19

God continues to be our source of strength for every challenge and our refuge in times of trouble. And as always, keeping the children in our program safe and healthy is our top priority.

OneChild has released emergency funds to help provide food and other necessities to the children in our program and their families during the global pandemic. 

Kids & COVID-19: Perspective from Dr. Scott Todd

With a background in virology and immunology, along with extensive experience responding to the global HIV/AIDS crisis, Dr. Scott Todd shared his perspective on COVID-19 during a recent Facebook Live. He discusses how the immune system defends kids (and you), and how the global pandemic is affecting families around the world. Neither Dr. Todd nor OneChild intends this content to be interpreted as medical advice.

For a glimpse of how children are being served during this time, see this inspiring video and the stories below. You can help meet the urgent needs of kids in crisis with a gift to our Children’s Crisis Fund.


OneChild Global Health Q & A:

How is OneChild responding to the international COVID-19 pandemic?

OneChild has been preparing children and their families to prevent the spread of disease long before this current outbreak began. Through our child development program, children have learned about the transmission of germs and have been taught the importance of hygiene practices like handwashing. They have also received medical checkups, nutritious food and supplements, and additional medical care when needed to help keep them healthy and better able to ward off illnesses.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, OneChild’s leaders have created an emergency response team to monitor conditions in the countries where we work and to support the Child Champions serving the children there. The team is closely communicating with our Country Directors who in turn are working with those at Hope Centers who are helping children and families.

A primary focus is ensuring that basic needs, such as food and medical care, are met. At the same time, Child Champions are caring for the emotional and educational needs of children who have been forced into a long period of relative isolation and home-based learning that they may not be equipped for in their homes. The intervention of their Child Champions is helping children continue to learn and to feel a sense of security during this very difficult time. Home-based programs have been developed that benefit not only the children in our program, but their parents and siblings as well.

Are Hope Centers still open?

Many countries where we work have put temporary “lockdowns” in place similar to those in many parts of the United States. As a result, most of our Hope Centers have had to temporarily suspend gathering, though some are still meeting with modified programs for children’s safety. Child Champions are visiting children and their families at home to distribute supplies and health information. In areas where movement is more restricted, Child Champions are finding innovative ways to stay in regular contact with our children and their families.

Have any children fallen ill?

We have had very few cases of children diagnosed with COVID-19, and no deaths among the children in our program. We praise God for this! Please join us in praying for His continued protection and provision for all our kids and Child Champions.

How have families been affected?

Families in poverty are facing severe risk of malnutrition due to COVID-19. Parents who depend on daily work just to buy food cannot meet basic needs during government-mandated lockdowns. Child Champions are rallying to get food relief to the families in crisis. Your gift to the Children’s Crisis Fund will fight child hunger and bring relief to our kids and their families who urgently need help.

How will I know if my child is impacted?

If your child is directly impacted by this virus, you will personally be contacted by our staff.

How are my donations/sponsorship funds being used to help children during this outbreak?

In vital ways! The OneChild program is more important than ever to children and their families at this time. Even in countries where our Hope Centers have been forced to temporarily suspend gatherings, Child Champions are checking on the children and their families at home. Depending on the needs in their area, they are providing food packages and sanitizers, bringing lessons to the children, and health and hygiene information for the whole family. Country Directors are in close touch with Hope Center directors and Program Facilitators to monitor needs and concerns among the children we serve.

This all provides the kids in our program with a level of protection and security that children living in poverty seldom have. They are not lost or overlooked. They are known, loved and supported by the reassuring presence of their Child Champions.

Can I still send letters and cards to my child?

Yes! While disruption to global delivery systems due to COVID-19 means letters will take a little longer to reach the kids, and their responses will be slower, it’s still a great time to write to your sponsored child. Receiving a letter from you as soon as delivery is possible will be an enormous joy for your child at a time when he or she needs it most. Imagine the excitement when one of the first things delivered is a message of hope from you!

A great way to write is by using our online writing tool when you log in to your account.

Will my child’s communication to me be delayed?

Due to the global impact, your child’s letters may be delayed.

Do other countries have restrictions on public gatherings as we do in the U.S.?

A number of countries have placed restrictions on large gatherings and some countries have closed schools as well. This is a continuously evolving situation in each country depending on case-rates, emerging virus variants and individual government responses.

Are OneChild offices still open?

Field offices remain operational, though in some areas staff members are working remotely from home to comply with government directives. They are all continuing to provide care for the children we serve.

At our Colorado headquarters we have remained operating and available for our Sponsors and Donors throughout the pandemic. As local health guidelines now permit, most of our staff have returned to work in the office.

How can I communicate with OneChild?

You can reach us at:

[email protected] (with general questions)
[email protected] (with sponsorship questions)
By phone at 800.864.0200 (M-Th: 7am-5pm, F: 8am-12pm, MT)
By mail at: P.O. Box 62600, Colorado Springs, CO 80962

What if I can’t afford to continue my sponsorship?

Your sponsorship is significant to your child beyond the monthly support you provide, so, if needed, our staff can offer suggestions regarding short-term financial limitations or alternate donation possibilities.

We want to do all that we can to ensure your special relationship with your sponsored child continues at a time when your child most needs a sense of stability. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 800.864.0200 or [email protected].



Thanks to the faithful support of our sponsors and donors, our children have been taught personal hygiene and disease prevention — such as the transmission of germs and proper hand washing. Their parents have also received training in disease prevention, treatment, and how to effectively care for sick family members.

In addition, all of our country offices have medical personnel available, and many have physicians on staff. Our Hope Center staff is also trained to help prevent and identify illnesses, facilitate care, and secure medicine and medical help when needed.

Please continue to pray for our children, their families, and the Child Champions committed to helping them thrive. The help of our global community is crucial — especially during times like this.


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We are accountable to the children we serve AND to our donors.

Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. OneChild is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)