The Road to My Dream

As told to Arun Sarker, Executive Director of Ashirabad   |  Photos courtesy of Hope Center

A girl in Bangladesh dreams of becoming a doctor despite growing up in poverty. Thanks to her Hope Center, she has been able to stay in school and keep her dream alive.

Pratyasha with her family in Bangladesh.

I am Pratyasha*. I am 17 years old, and I dream of becoming a doctor. But there are a lot of things that could make that dream seem impossible.

My father works hard as a farmer to support our family of four, while my mother takes care of the home.

It was not easy for him to send my younger sister and me to school on such little income. Raising and educating two daughters is another challenge because some people put more value on boys, since they carry on the family lineage.

Help on the Journey

I live in a typical Bangladeshi village with lots of greenery and ponds and a long canal running through it. The nearest town is 7 kilometers away.

Kids in a Hope Center classroom in Bangladesh.

You can understand that getting an education is not easy in my circumstances.

Fortunately, I was registered at an early age at the OneChild Ashirabad Hope Center, which is also a primary school.

They provided my school fees and school supplies.

After completing my early education, I was admitted to a high school.

Added Hardships of the Pandemic

School became especially hard due to COVID-19. During the pandemic our school was closed. The teachers used to guide us online. But our family has no smartphone, so I had to wait for my friends to pass along the lessons to me.

I was greatly encouraged by the people of my Hope Center during the lockdown time – above all, by the prayers and love my Child Champions showed me. My sponsor also helped us by providing funds for the food supplies brought to us by my Child Champions.

A Dream Within Reach

Despite all these hurdles, I scored a perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) of five out of five on my Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) exam in the science group! This is an important mandatory test in my country that is required if we hope to go on to college or university.

I don’t know how I would have done this without the help of my sponsor, teachers, and family.

I want to continue my studies and fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I know the road is not so easy, but with the support and prayers of my family, sponsor, and Child Champions I know I can succeed in life.

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