Courageous Child Champions

By Kalis Parra, Dominican Republic Field Communications Specialist

In the Dominican Republic we have 38 Hope Centers located in the most vulnerable areas of the country.

Dominican Republic Courageous Child Champions

Most of the families depend on the income they make day to day. The lockdown isn’t allowing them to go out to work, leading these families to extreme needs. In the middle of this dark and dangerous season where it seems like hope has ceased to exist, Child Champions continue bringing hope to provide for children and their families. Daily they go out into their communities to provide food and supplies for those most in need.

Child Champion Ruth Portalatin says, “We feel blessed and honored because in the middle of this worldly situation God is allowing us to continue being light in our communities. We want to thank OneChild and the sponsors because they are the bridge by which we can continue being a blessing for these families.”

We ask that sponsors don’t stop praying for and supporting us so we can continue blessing the families from our country.

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We are accountable to the children we serve AND to our donors.

Our accountability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. OneChild is also a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)