What Is Hope?

By Babylene Bocayes With Robyn Wilson   |  Photos Courtesy of Hope Center Staff

Kids in the Philippines tell us what hope means to them — their answers will inspire you!

Ever wonder how kids understand the word hope? At OneChild, the word hope is huge because it’s the heart and soul of the ministry’s mission: to bring hope in hard places.

But what is hope? How can a child understand hope when he or she lives in hopelessness? Many families live on less than $5 a day—barely enough to survive — and belong to communities filled with illnesses, hunger and violence.

But thankfully, Child Champions across the globe are teaching kids about true hope.

“Hope is a thing that will make you keep going, even though there are many reasons not to,” says Danielle, a teacher at a Hope Center in the Philippines. Danielle explains that hope is the foundation of what they teach, so children learn to thrive — even in the midst of hardship.

Based on these children’s inspiring definitions of hope, they are not only grasping the concept of hope — they’re also applying it to their lives:

“Hope for me is having faith that there is something better and brighter coming!”
— Andrei, 7

7 years old, says, Hope for me is having faith that there is something better and brighter coming.

“For me, the word hope means standing up again and not giving up.”
— Dianne Princess, 8

8 year old sponsored child says, “For me, the word hope means standing up again and not giving up.”

“Hope for me is God, who is always on our side to guide us.”
— Christlyn, 7

Sponsored child Christlyn, 7 years old, says, Hope for me is Jesus who is always on our side to guide us.

For many kids in OneChild’s program, hope is also believing that they can break the cycle of poverty because they know God will always guide them and they have Child Champions who encourage them.

And during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic, Child Champions have had opportunities to show kids hope in action. As these courageous men and women serve families in need by delivering emergency food and critical supplies, they have demonstrated servant leadership. “The meaning of hope for us is our service to children and families in need with joy, care and love,” explains Child Champion Carmina.

As kids witness Child Champions demonstrating hope in action, they’ve been inspired to serve others too.

“If there is hope, there is God. So, we should not lose hope while we are still in this world.”
— Jhazmen, 6

A child holding get well card

Sponsored child Jhazmen writes a hopeful message to COVID-19 patients to share God’s love.

“We need hope so we will have the spirit of helpfulness. And we need hope so we can face a new day with faith in God and gratefulness.”
— Mark, 9

Mark Elijah T. Tresvalles: “His exposure to learning God's Word and in helping the poo

When families in his community are in need, sponsored child Mark is always eager to help.

Kids are learning more about hope each day through the Child Champions at their centers. And you—as a sponsor—are also helping teach kids about hope. You are showing your sponsored child that all things are possible. You are giving your child the courage to dream. And you are helping share God’s love, which has the power to transform lives. Thank you for helping your sponsored child understand the real meaning of hope!

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