Lifegiving Letters

By Ana De León, Child Champion in the Dominican Republic   |  Photos by Kalis Parra, Dominican Republic Field Communications Specialist

A year-and-a-half ago, I was going through a rough and dark place in my life emotionally and facing a lot of problems in my family. I remember, even without being a believer back then, I cried out to God.

I felt God telling me to wait on Him because He had a purpose for my life. The same week, someone invited me to church, and I decided to try it. It was incredible! God started something in my life that day.

After attending church for a couple of months, I also begin to serve at OneChild’s Mision Valiente Hope Center in the Dominican Republic. As soon as I started as a tutor, I knew serving kids was what God had planned for me.

What I felt He started that first day is being continuously perfected, week by week, here in the Hope Center. God shows His incredible love to me through these children. I get to walk with them on their journey. I get to pray with them. And I get to dream with them!

Ana has seen firsthand that sponsors’ letters bring children smiles, joy, and delight!

It is incredible how much we have grown together in just a year. I love being a role model for them, and I can’t wait to see them make their dreams come true! It is such an honor for me to serve them in the way I do.

I know that sponsors are making a big impact on children’s lives through OneChild. It might seem a small thing, sending your child a letter (or in my case, being here to read the letters for them). But what you and I are doing is changing lives! Together, we are one, working with one purpose, changing this world — one child at time.

Thank you so much for being part of this global community of Child Champions!



Your Words Bring Hope

As Ana has seen time and time again, sponsors’ letters encourage kids and remind them of God’s life-changing love. For sponsors, sending a message is easy. Simply click on this link.

Your note will mean more than you can imagine. Thank you for taking time to show your child how much you care!

See how writing a letter makes a difference in the life of a child living in poverty:

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