A Hard Question Opens Eyes

Story and photos by Josela López, Honduras Field Communications Specialist

When a sponsor met his sponsored child in Honduras, the boy asked a question about poverty that took the visit to a deeper level for them both.

Rick meets his sponsored child, Adonis.

Sponsor visits provide a special moment when a sponsor and child come face-to-face.

Some have had the opportunity to exchange lots of letters before the visit. For others, the sponsorship began just before the visit.

The truth is it doesn’t matter how long the sponsor and child have been connected — this moment is special.

At the beginning, of course, it can be a bit awkward for both. But after the sponsor starts to talk with their sponsored child, shows him or her photos, or reads a special message that their family sent, things change, and the connection deepens.

Rick, a DJ from WCIC Radio in Peoria, Illinois, had the opportunity to come to Honduras with a group from Northwestern Radio and visit his sponsored child, Adonis.

When Rick arrived at the Hope Center, he was on the lookout for Adonis.

Rick with Adonis and Adonis’ older brother at their home.

“I’m not sure if that’s him or not, but I think it is!” said Rick, his eyes fastened on a little boy in a white shirt and wearing a red bandana and a straw hat. “Is it him? Is he my sponsored child?”

It was! It was Adonis.

The time had finally come for them to meet. The Hope Center Director brought three chairs for Adonis, Rick, and their translator.

After greeting Adonis, Rick pulled out a letter and asked the translator if she would read it to him. It was a letter from Rick’s family, who couldn’t join him on the trip.

Adonis loved the sticker they had sent with the letter, a photo of their dog!

When they finished reading the letter, Rick brought out some nice gifts for Adonis, including a ball. With his sweet, shy smile, Adonis smiled at Rick, holding the ball tightly.

A Rocky Road to Home

Since Adonis lived near the Hope Center, Rick was able to visit his home. He set out with Adonis and his pastor and their translator.

Adonis reads a letter.

Although the house was nearby, it wasn’t an easy walk. Adonis’ house is not accessible by vehicle, so the little group scrambled down a rocky hill, crossed a dry creek, and made their way up another hillside through what looked like a dry streambed.

At last, the house came into sight — a wood home with a small separate building for the bathroom. Outside was a wood-burning oven where the family does their cooking.

And there was a cat! Adonis picked up the cat and told Rick it was his.

Adonis’ parents were both working and couldn’t leave their jobs, so his teenage brother was there to welcome Rick to the family home.

Adonis was so happy that his sponsor Rick was visiting his house. He took Rick inside to see the house, including his bed and the white cupboard with all their kitchen things. Big barrels outside held the family’s water supply.

The Hard Question

After the short tour, Rick asked if it was OK to make a video call to his family back in Peoria so they could meet Adonis, too.

They agreed, so Rick called his wife and daughter.

Through the video call, Adonis got to meet Rick’s family and see their house. He even met their dog!

Before ending the call, Rick asked Adonis if he had any questions, and Adonis said, “Yes!” But nothing could have prepared Rick or his family for what Adonis wanted to know.

“Do you starve in America?” Adonis asked.

And there was a silence…

Then God gave Rick wisdom to answer the question. Rick told him that yes, there are some people who have hard situations in America. Some of them live on the street like they do here, and some of them ask for money. So yes, we do have people who starve in America.

Both the question and the answer were eye opening for Rick and Adonis.

“I did not see this question coming,” said Rick. “I thought he was going to ask something about our pets, or the house, but not this question.”

The reality of Adonis’ world was brought home to Rick through that question. And for Adonis, Rick’s answer showed him that some people faced similar situations even in other countries.

This hard and honest moment between Rick and Adonis is just one example of how God can use the relationship between a sponsor and child to open the eyes of both and bring their worlds closer together.

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. — Ephesians 3:20-21

We are grateful for every sponsor who helps, prays for, and encourages a child. Like Rick, you can begin that life-changing journey when you sponsor a child today.



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