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Trail Talks
Follow Scott’s reflections during his 500-mile hike, beginning June 25.

Each day he’s on the trail, Scott will share uplifting thoughts on the walkas a metaphor for life, and the journey we’re ontogether to bring hope to kids in hard places.

Trying vs Training: Day Zero

Training day. Today I am covering 10 miles with full pack and 1600 vertical feet at elevation of 8500 – a fairly light day to prepare me for the 500 mile trek from Denver to Durango. Today I’ve been thinking about training, about readiness for the trial, about how training is so different from “trying.”

Life will inevitably test us. In this world you will have trouble. How do we prepare for the moment of the test so that we respond well to the tough circumstances of life?

To follow Jesus is to live according to his way of living, to imitate him as an apprentice. The regular practices or habits of our faith – prayer, study of scripture, fasting, solitude, Sabbath etc, are vital to the life of a disciple. But they are not an end in themselves, that would be religion. Instead, these practices of the abiding life are used by God to transform our minds, to renew us and reshape us, so that when we face the test, the character of Christ is revealed in us.

We do not study to study well, or fast to fast well. Instead, the “spiritual disciplines” are a form of training.

A mentor once gave me a simple axiom, “The test is not the test. Your response to the test is the test.” We don’t have an option to go through life without challenges but we can be prepared to handle them well. We train our minds and hearts to be ready for them so that in the moment of the test our “natural instinct “ (new nature) is toward patience instead of anger, toward grace instead of judgement, toward humility instead of pride – for others more than for ourself.

I guess I could just show up at the trailhead and “try really hard” to finish the hike, but that’s not likely to go well! Instead, I am training for a 40 day, 500 mile trek through the wilderness. I hope my training prepares me to finish well but, even if I can’t finish, I won’t regret a single step because I’m doing this hike to raise awareness and support for kids in poverty. This cause, those kids, deserve everything I can offer. They are the “why” of the hike and remembering why is an important part of readiness.

I am also grateful to know that I am not alone. I’m doing this “walk” as part of a global community of Child Champions who are walking in solidarity with those who serve kids in hard places.

We would love to have you as part of our community. Walk with Us!

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Mile 1: Sartaj Ali

Sartaj and his family live in an impoverished community where there are not many resources, but because of the center, he has opportunities and the chance to pursue a career as an accountant. Until he can reach this goal, Sartaj is content to complete his homework, play cricket with friends, explore new parts of town, or help with chores such as fetching water. This joyful and considerate teenager looks forward to English class the most out of all his courses, and he prays for peace and protection.

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Mile 2: Shivani Yadav

Shivani loves attending activities at the center where Child Champions offer vital resources, love, and support. In her prayers, she asks God to give her knowledge and new dresses. This sensitive and nurturing girl is determined to become a teacher someday but for now is focused on studying for school and learning English vocabulary words. At home, Shivani can frequently be seen assisting with household chores and errands, reading books, eating a delicious mango for a snack, or playing Kho Kho outside with friends.

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Mile 3: Kidus Hailu

Kidus is discovering more about God’s everlasting love at Sunday school and prays for blessings on his education. When he is done assisting with household chores, this sociable and spirited young man has fun taking part in soccer matches against friends. At school, Kidus studies hard in all his classes and especially enjoys learning the English language. He aspires to be a doctor when he is grown, and thanks to the support and encouragement he receives from devoted Child Champions, this dream can become a reality.

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One Mile for One Child Walk With Us

Support Scott’s team to discover the various ways you can help us reach our goal of support for 500 kids.

Meet some of the kids and Child Champions Scott is walking in solidarity with.
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One mile for one child.

For every mile of the trail, we’ve chosen a child who is currently enrolled at a OneChild Hope Center but still needs a sponsor.

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Altitude sickness, injury, exhaustion: Scott will face many challenges as he hikes the Colorado Trail 500 miles from Denver to Durango. But you can help keep him moving and keep the community moving toward our goal: support for 500 kids.

You can join in easily from anywhere, and you won’t have to worry about lightning, rockfalls, or probably even blisters!

One Mile for One Child Walk With Us

“Children are innocent and deserve a better world. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the horrible things kids go through. But there are heroes who inspire me – teachers, coaches, counselors who give of themselves so that kids can thrive. I’m doing this walk for those who work in the slums, the back alleys, the remote villages – for those bringing hope to kids in hard places.”

Scott C. Todd, PhD  |  President, OneChild

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Scott's team sets off on June 25 to walk 500 miles to raise support for 500 kids.

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Walk a mile together for kids in hard places.

The Child Champions who help kids living in poverty walk in hard places as they work. This summer, we're walking in solidarity with them. We invite you, our global community, to join us in walking, or moving in whatever way works best for you, as we bring hope to our kids.

Walk in a manner worthy of the calling you have received.
Meet some of the kids and Child Champions Scott is walking in solidarity with.
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A Honduran college student shares what sponsorship meant to her and why she is giving back.

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One woman’s resolve to rescue an HIV-positive infant has grown to give thousands of orphans in Kenya loving families.

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Grief turns to joy as sponsorship in Zimbabwe brings new purpose to a woman’s life.

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Research indicates that one-to-one child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to combat global poverty.

Sponsorship makes it possible for kids to receive education and life-changing child development opportunities, which help them become leaders within their communities.

Your monthly financial support empowers staff in the field to equip children to become healthy, self-sufficient adults.

Scott's Walk
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OneChild President Scott Todd has set himself a goal of walking 500 miles at 10,000’ of elevation on the Colorado Trail.
Scott is challenging our community to raise support for 500 kids—one child for every mile he walks.
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